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Keyless Entry (Door Keypad) Programming


Programming your own code:


1. Enter the factory set code. This can be found on the hinge in the trunk or behind the small door on the left side of the trunk as shown below:


Photo courtesy of Mike "Nightsky" Gilbert

2. Press the 1-2 Button within five seconds of step 1.

3. Enter your personal five digit code. Enter each digit within five seconds of the previous one.

4. Enter a sixth digit to indicate which personality feature should be recalled by the personal code.

  • 1-2 recalls personality 1

  • 3-4 recalls personality 2

  • 9-0 does not recall a personality

All the vehicle doors will lock and unlock to confirm programming of the new code. Each personality driver profile ( 1 personality or 2 personality) can be associated with only one personal code. The factory set code cannot be associated with a personality code.

Do not set a code that includes five of the same number or presents them in sequential order. Thieves often first try these types of codes to see if they can get in.


You can program up to three personality codes. This does not replace the factory code.

To erase all the personality codes programmed to a vehicle:

  1. Enter the factory set code.

  2. Press 1-2 within five seconds of step 1.

  3. Press and hold 1-2 for two seconds. All the vehicle doors will lock and then unlock to confirm erasure.

This information is from Mark VIII owners manual.



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