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1998 Modified Base Mark VIII


Brian "Carnut 6998" Cohen's ride is a 98 Mark VIII Base model with a factory roof, heated seats, and the JBL cassette with a 10 disc in the trunk. He is in the automotive aftermarket industry and knew the dealer so he swapped my wheels with directional wheels from a lease return. Roughly two and a half years ago with 47,000 miles, he became the second owner. Now it has 56,000 and change. The grille, rear taillight surround, and side view mirror bezels were color matched. He personally thought my interior would better without the wood, so the wood is gone. A Clifford Solaris alarm/remote start was installed for when the car is out of the garage. The Mark VIII is a beautiful, fast, awesome machine. His biggest problem is he parks in a nasty dirt lot six days a week, so the car does not go to work or go out if there is salt on the roads. This does not leave much time for driving. He just can't not care and let the car get hammered; it is too nice. He is contemplating selling the Mark because he has a bigger garage queen - a 1969 Chevy Camaro. He writes, "How many cars can I not drive? The board has helped me a couple of times. You guys are great. Thanks for listening."


This is Sharon Lester, aka Trixie's, 1998 Mark VIII. Mods include Sensor Lowering, a tranny cooler, 16" chrome rims and tinted windows. Click here for Trixie's LOD homepage. (http://mark8.org/users/trixie)




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