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'97 Mark VIII Ground Effects Kit/Package

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  • '97 Mark VIII Ground Effects Kit/Package

    In the late 90's there was a ground effects kit that could be bought and installed on the 97 or 98 Mark VIIIs. The package consisted of a front spoiler/air damn, both left and right side body pieces, and a rear piece. In total, the kit had four pieces, a front, a rear and two side pieces.

    Does anyone know where an un-used or used kit can be found for purchase. Color is unimportant since it will be painted to match.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Happy Motoring!

    Red Box Rebel

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    The person that made the kits passed away. IMHO they are junk they are installed with a boat load of glue and a few screws. I would go with a terminator bumper which can be purchased from Mark8 muscle.


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      About once a year I see one with a body kit for sale somewhere but I haven't seen just the kit for a long time.

      Best bet would to make a custom made one from a mustang kit and run the terminator bumper.
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