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Possible blown speaker?

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  • Possible blown speaker?

    I have a 96 Mark 8 with the JBL stereo.On a few songs with heavy bass the right rear speaker will"rattle" a little bit.Are replacement speakers available and what kind of job are they to replace?

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    My experience is limited to the 2nd gen systems, but I assume they're not that different.

    Before replacing the speakers, pop the grille off and try it again. I noticed on my '97 that it was the speaker grille itself that was vibrating. I just had to back the "hooks" at the bottom with some foam pads, and it pretty much put a stop to it all.

    Other than that, you'll find a pretty standard Ford speaker back there.. 5x7? and a separate tweeter. You'll have lots of options in the aftermarket.
    Mike Martin

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      Yes, the foam gasket can rot away too. I had one come loose too.

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