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FFW Spring Break Shootout - Orlando

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  • FFW Spring Break Shootout - Orlando

    March 4-5 For details on this all Ford racing event, log onto or call 225-664-0996.
    Jack Carter, Tampa, Fl.
    Silver 97 Mark VIII
    Best time: 13.214

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    RE: FFW Spring Break Shootout - Orlando

    Funny you should mention this. I bought my Mark VIII to take my Mustang off the road and use it for 1/4 mile racing. So, it's just been sitting there for 2 years now. I finally decided to dust it off and play. I entered the FFW 2 weeks ago here in Orlando. I changed the oil, (for obvious reasons), and slapped on a pair of Nitto's. Thats it. I didn't even adjust the timing. I even forgot to shake the dust out of my K&N filter. On the second day of the event, I took it to the finals in the Street Ford division. A -.078 red light gave the win to the other lane, but I got a nice trophy for runner-up and I had a blast. The other guy was in a Bronco II running 17.98's. He was in the finals on the first day too. It was just too slow to make mistakes. It's hard to see the other lane get a 4 second head start and not red light. My best run was in the quarter finals. I was up against the same Focus that knocked me out on Saturday. I ran .05 off my dial in, (to his .03), but his .051 reaction time couldn't touch my Seven One-Thousandths (.007) of a second reaction time. Watching him pound his steering wheel in my mirror after I blew by him at the finish line, was priceless. I felt even better when I saw him leaving with 2 race cars on the back of a nice drive-on hauler. Not a bad day for an old beater! I wasn't the slowest and I wasn't the ugliest. I'm a happy boy, (with a trophy)!


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      RE: FFW Spring Break Shootout - Orlando


      You should've really suprised them with the Mark VIII.


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        RE: FFW Spring Break Shootout - Orlando

        Nice job Steve!
        98 VIII