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florida meet oct. 21

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  • florida meet oct. 21

    EDIT: please respond soon so i can figure out if this is going to happen or not. no one really showed any interest on the other boards so i dont know what to expect.

    I'm gonna try it one more time, if there is no interest this time around, i wont bother again, sorry!
    i want a get together, cook out and photoshoot. my buddy Rob is a photographer and is building a website to host race events and pretty much anything to do with cars. he will be there as well to take pics, he is awesome and has some nice equipment. the place will be Anderson Park on us 19 in tarpon springs, its very easy to find, it sits on the banks of lake tarpon and has plenty of pavilions and grills, its free, and has a large boat ramp for anyone who wants to bring a boat or jet ski. bring your fishing poles also if you want to fish. this would end up being a much more layed back place to have the meet them the last one we had, much more shade, lots of places to walk to, much easier parking and i believe you can have beer in this park with a permit, i will check into it, not that i want to promote everyone getting smashed, but i know how beer can make strangers feel a little more at ease when you dont know everyone. i'm gonna keep it simple with food, hamburgs and dogs. people can bring whatever they want, but i'm keeping it simple, getting together is more important then talking about food, there wont be any food if there is no people!! i figure by the middle of october we may finally get a break in the heat, its way to hot now to spend a day in the park outside!! anyone who wants to add anything to this feel free, lets actually make this happen this time guys, there are plenty of us out there in the state, we already know that, if you have to work that day, take it off now, then your boss cant say anything! no excuses this time, lets make it happen there is no reason we cant. chime in anytime. thanks.

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    Just think of the great pics you can get for the 2008 calendar!
    98 VIII