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  • compass calibration

    Getting a message all of a sudden "Circle slowly to cal" This is because my compass is not working had my brakes done yesterday and I get the car back and the brakes are fine but I get this message any help would be appreciated circling slowly did nothingxo

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    RE: compass calibration

    The instructions to collaborating your compass is in your manual... you first have to set it to which region you live in (a map in your manual will tell you which number to enter), then it will ask you to circle the car slowly, I think twice is enough. The Compass will recalibrate itself and function normally again.

    Sorry I don’t have exact details, but look in your owner’s manual, it should give specific directions, make sure you’re in a area big enough for you to make 2 full slow circles without reversing.

    If you don’t have an owners manual, let me know and I can type the instructions right off mine.

    Good luck.
    '02 GS430


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      RE: compass calibration

      Thanks Bud
      I thought it was in there but not sure I will look it happened on my way to work that is why I was kind of panicking thanks a lot I got it from here



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        RE: compass calibration

        Okay I have got another problem after trying to recalibrate as the manual describes when I hit econonmy to choose the correct zone it gives me a compass zone error...... do I have a bad module? and where is it located in the trunk where? anyone had this problem with their compass?


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          RE: compass calibration

          I think it’s in the trunk... Sorry, I have a second Gen, and it’s under then rearview mirror for us. Could the tire place have knocked something out?

          Again, not exactly sure about your situation, what I can tell you is, when I unplugged my compass module (for my radar detector), it gave me "Check Compass system" when I hit the compass button. So you may have another situation.

          Hopefully someone with a 1st gen could chime in.
          '02 GS430


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            RE: compass calibration

            You pressed what button? The zone setting is an adjustment for magnetic deviation from true north. The '93 service manual says:

            True North Adjustment

            The vehicle has been demagnetized and the compass has been calibrated by the manufacturer. However, the True North Adjustment is not done by the manufacturer. Vehicle location in the country will determine how accurate the compass is without performing the True North Adjustment. When the vehicle is received from the manufacturer or whenever a vehicle operator claims that the compass is inaccurate, perform the True North Adjustment Procedure. The compass True North Adjustment is set as follows:

            1. Press and hold the COMPASS button, then press the RESET button. The message center will display the following:

            E/M > ZONE

            RSET > CAL

            COMPAS > N

            2. Press the ENGLISH/METRIC button to enter the Set Zone mode, as indicated by the top line of the display (E/M > ZONE). The display will now show:

            RESET TO

            SET ZONE 8

            3. Determine which zone of the continent you are in by using the accompanying zone map.

            4. Press the RESET button until the appropriate zone number appears on the display. (The zone number will increment once each time the RESET button is pressed. Once the number reaches 15, it will change back to 1).

            5. Press the ENGLISH/METRIC button to complete the zone setting. (The Set Zone Mode can be aborted by pressing any button other than RESET and ENGLISH/METRIC). The message center will now display:



            for a few seconds, and then it will return to the normal compass heading mode. The zone setting procedure (True North Adjustment) is now complete.

            California is in Zone 4. To calibrate the compass:

            Calibration Adjustment

            The compass was calibrated at the factory and under normal driving conditions will not need to be re-calibrated. The compass is designed to re-calibrate itself if changes in vehicle magnetics occur. In order to re-calibrate itself, the compass requires the vehicle to be driven in full 360 degree circles. Occasionally, the vehicle magnetics will change enough to prevent the compass from correcting itself. If the True North (Variation) Adjustment outlined above does not correct an inaccurate compass, the compass should be calibrated. If a compass transducer unit is newly installed in a vehicle, the calibration procedure must be performed.

            To calibrate the compass, perform the following procedure:

            1. Find an open area free from steel structures and high voltage lines.

            2. Press and hold the COMPASS button, then press the RESET button. The message center will display the following:

            E/M > ZONE

            RSET > CAL

            COMPAS > N

            3. Press the RESET button to enter the Calibration mode, as indicated by the middle line of the display (RSET > CAL). The display will now show:



            TO CAL

            4. Slowly drive the vehicle (less than 3 mph/5 km/h) in a circle until the message center displays a direction instead of the CIRCLE SLOWLY TO CAL message. If after three complete circles the display still shows "CIRCLE SLOWLY TO CAL", perform the «Vehicle Demagnetizing Procedure» .

            5. Perform the «True North Adjustment Procedure.» Calibration is now complete.

            I have only once calibrated my compass and I never knew about the True North Adjustment. I hope this helps.



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              RE: compass calibration

              Sorry guys I have a gen 2 mark thought that was in my profile so that being said the unit is under my rearview mirror seems like the instruction for calibrations are pretty much the same on gen1 and gen 2 except I don't get a compass>N reading:

              Press and hold the compass control, then press reset control
              then release both controls
              determine which compass zone mine is 4
              press economy control untill the current zone number is shown in the display

              This is where I get the compass zone error