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Custom Gen2 Cup Holder

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    Originally posted by mark0101 View Post
    Wow that looks amazing. Might loose one cup holder but gain a properly working one that you can actually use. How did you create the beige cover around the cup holder btw?
    I misunderstood your question. In my case I used fiberboard(?) because I thought it needed it to be a tad flexible to fit right (wrong). Looking back, a regular old piece of wood would've sufficed. Below is one of the versions I experimented with , but you can see the general shape of it. The other is what was left of the oem cup holder assembly. I used the front bow and the ledges in the back corners to mount it (Much trimming was need for correct fitment). But that's pretty much how it ended up with the exception of the two little tabs on the back center. As I said before, some 90 degree brackets on the side rails would've been a wiser choice.

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    Originally posted by BlackIceLSC View Post
    This mod is SO cool, I'd consider buying another Mark VIII just to have this!
    I am amazed at how creative some folks can be. I am with Jeremi...MODIFICATION OF THE DECADE.

    I opened my Gen 2 cup holder the day I bought my car, just to confirm it was in fact broken. It was. I never opened it again. The ash tray was the "stereo remote holder" which I never used because I could reach/see the stereo better than a remote smaller than a key fob with no back-light.
    I had to wedge my water bottle next to my right hip when driving...had it been equipped with your mod, I'd have been in a much better mood when bringing a beverage.
    the 2 power sockets are just the icing on the cake as I am a iPhone 7 user so I never had to plug anything in when driving although it would be nice to have the USB tied in to the back port of an aftermarket stereo so the phone could be tapped right in like a mp3 player (although I always used the bluetooth method of playing music through the phone -to-stereo)

    Nice work pal....Very nice. The back-lit emblem is amazing.
    Haha. I've done the cup wedge trick for my entire ownership until now. I'm still trying to get used to a functional holder and have caught myself going back to my old ways.

    I hadn't thought wiring in my double dins usb to the console, but that's probably because all of my music is accessed through a thumb drive or BT. Great idea though.

    I'm just glad I could share this with the community to show that it is possible to make a simple, functional replacement with a bit of time, inginuity and not all that much money. Hope to see others experiment.
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      Unfortunately I can't put a cup holder there because it would interfere with the shifter. I love how factory it looks, I might have to do something with my Ashem8 there or some type of cell phone pocket.
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        This is the greatest thing ive seen done to a mark
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          great work


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            Made a lower plate with cutouts that then attached to the shortened oem lid. It is secured using magnets that were recessed into both the main panel and mount for the lid. Chopped the chrome button in half and epoxied in the the original spot.

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                I would to have this done, looks awesome!