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  • First mark viii

    Hey everyone first mark viii just bought a month ago all ready experienced oil filter gasket fun fun and no power to ecm found bad relay its a 97 lsc black on black had to clean and sensors but instill don't have abs my old trusty mt2500 aborts abs test due to low battery voltage any ideas I've moved up from mark7s so these are a new learning experience still have rear neon do deal with and power seats but I have a98 mark viii for parts car I hope to learn a lot from you guys thanks

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    Welcome Nick!

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      Welcome, have a look around the tech forums or post your tech questions there.


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          Welcome, Nick!

          Sorting out a few problems on a new ride is nothing too out of the ordinary. Just pick away at it, one issue at a time. Like Steve pointed out, you'll find that much of this has been addressed by others, so the search will definitely be the place to start. If (when) you get stumped, don't hesitate to ask. We'll do our best, and there's a lot of knowledge here.

          It sounds like you'll want to go over the charging system first. These cars like good alternators, and a good, big battery. Double-checking the battery cables, and chassis ground straps are probably the next step.

          That snap-on MT2500 is a terrific tool for these cars. I have one myself, compliments of a good friend here on this forum. It's served me well.
          Mike Martin

          1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
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