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Air Shock Troubleshooting and Rough Ride

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  • Air Shock Troubleshooting and Rough Ride

    Hello All,
    I know that this has been asked many times and I have looked at many of the responses, but I am finding it hard to know where to look first.

    Slow to raise the front end. I have taken to waiting for the front to come up before pulling out.
    Check air ride message comes on soon after I start driving if I have not waited. It also occasionally comes on after I have been on the highway a while.
    Rough ride both at low and high speed.

    Based on what I have read:
    I need to check the relay by switching it with the ABS relay. Where is the ABS relay located?
    I need to check for leaks in the bags. I do not think this is an issue since the system seems to hold air for days.
    What else should I do?