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Pulling to the right

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  • Pulling to the right

    It used to pull hard left upon braking when I 1st got it 6 months ago..i just last month did 2 new rear calipers and brackets and 4 rotors and it pulls kind of to the right when I brake and I let off and it kinda jumps left..
    What should I look at before I throw new calipers on for nothing..i do now have a slight clunk on the front right but I'm sure it is either stut mount or balljoint but could that cause the pull when I brake? None of my other ones ever have.
    98 lsc..trac loc,cobra cams,90mm mafs,exhaust,tune,accel coils,DS rotors and ceramic pads,rims and sounds too.

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    Yes, loose strut rod bushings can cause pulling when braking. I would make sure those are tight first, then see if it still pulls.

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      lower ball joints.
      check asap.
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