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Leaking from schrader valve?

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  • Leaking from schrader valve?

    I popped my hood to verify that in the morning there is 0 fuel pressure, when i notice a very very slight noise. I put my ear over the schrader valve and while it is completely empty of fuel, i can hear a noise coming from it, a leaking sound. I pressurize the rail and the noise stops. My fuel pressure is leaking over an hour or 2, checked injectors, and also have 32psi instead of 35. Without vacuum i will have to double check, i have a large fuel pump in there already though. I have been running out of fuel at the top and i really dont think the pump is bad, its MAYBE 6 months old and 255 lph.

    I called advance and they told me the schrader valve replacement is dealer only, so i'm looking for a part number or where to get it? I'm sure they have one, they just dont have the brightest people working there. Or owning it for that matter lol.

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    Is the rail completely empty of fuel? Or do you have pressure?
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      It is possible that the schrader valve is venting some air pressure, but not fuel. When you pressurize the rail, the valve seals up.
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        ....or it's supposed to......
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          You did change your fuel filter when you changed your pump?
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