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Swapping a 98 trans into my 97 Pin Question

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  • Swapping a 98 trans into my 97 Pin Question

    What do I do with the extra power pin. Can I use a harness from a 98 if not can I pull the pins and move them ?
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    Can I use the MLPS -VSS and TCC on the 98 tranny ?
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      Help anyone I have a small window of opportunity to grab this built tranny.It will work with minor modification correct ?
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        people have been swapping 98 transmissions into earlier cars for years.
        TCCOA has good articles and posts on the wiring changes needed.
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          Yes, you repin the connector and use the 97 MLPS and TCC solenoid.

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            you can delete the extra power pin as it is not needed. I wrapped mine up in electrical tape and inserted it in to the plug.
            re-pinning is done so you can retain your 97 controls/MLPS/TCC, etc
            I used a new TCC solenoid and trimmed the plastic connector down so it would fit under the circuit board.

            buy model-year specific parts (i.e. 97 MLPS, TCC solenoid, etc) and the re-pin takes care of making them work. Your PCM is still the same so the re-wiring allows it to communicate with the circuit board of the new tranny.

            best mod out there is a 98+ trans in to a pre-98.

            while its out, upgrade your converter to a mach 1/Marauder TC.

            keep in mind the angle of the plug you are staring at as you re-pin it...the drawings on TCCOA that is. (from behind, not from the front)
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              Originally posted by mag View Post
              Can I use a harness from a 98 ...
              If you have the external harness from a 98 M8, then you can use that to swap the 98 transmission into a 97 Mark VIII without ANY other changes.

              No repining, no splicing, just plug and play. No changes to any wiring (car or trans side). MLPS/TCC/Shift solenoids all have the same values.

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