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  • Transmission dipstick

    Why is the transmission dipstick so small?I cant get my hand in there to check it.Is there a larger one off another Ford product that will fit?

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    The transmission dip stick is transmission-matched with tube. Length is key...if it's shorter or longer, it will not read accurate.

    It's not easy to reach, for sure. Some folks added a zip-tie to the end to help retrieve it but that wont help with insertion.
    Hard to find, but totally doable even for ham-fisted guys like me.


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      Be care to fully insert the dipstick when measuring the transmission fluid level. My PO didn't do this and overfilled the transmission. This is not good for the tranny. There is also a possibility that this can help create the classic dip tube o ring leak; another bad thing since it is difficult to fix since the bolt to remove it is well hidden by the upper cat. Fortunately, It had sat for 2 years with a dip stick leak and the PO only filled to sell it. I drove it home and then pulled the pan and fixed the leak at the same time. The full running hot level is below the o ring. I think that is so expensive to fix at the dealership because they actually drop the exhaust to access it. Another fun time had by all. You can do it without doing this, but it is not easy. A u joint socket and assistance from a patient assistant is needed.
      Bill W