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Replaced "old" fuel pump

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  • Replaced "old" fuel pump

    I'm in the process of putting my 98 Mark to be the best operating 98 Mark I can make it .....I'll be giving it to my grandson when he thinks it's time for him to own a car.....Among a mirid of other parts I've replaced was the fuel pump.....Not a difficult job (I didn't do it) to do but I let my local auto shop do it.....Now there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old pump nothing....Not knowing the history of the car except for the last 6 years I thought being proactive is the way to go for the pump and all of the rest of the replaced parts.....The car is 20 y/o....When my grandson receives to car I don't want him breaking down over something I could have taken care of ......Replacing parts it is.....So it cost me some money I don't care......His peace of mind knowing he has a safe,dependable car is more important to me then money.....All of this being said....I think my fuel pump is original to the car: p/ns off of the pump F7LUAB 9H307 BASE (I think) 07-23-97 Date 3rd Shift.... If anyone can decipher these numbers and tell me if it is original to the car I would like to know....Cars build date is August 97 ......bruce

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    This was probably a super smart move. On my old green '97, the pump was "failing" for years, and I really didn't know it. It had a minor impact on fuel economy, but that was about it.

    Replaced it on a whim, and cut a full second off my 1/4 mile time..
    Mike Martin

    1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
    2001 Dodge Dakota


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      Thanks to you tixer.....It gives me peace of mind also.....until he decides to take the car I'll be driving the Mark.....Thanks again.....bruce