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98 Mark Cooling Fan Motor

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  • 98 Mark Cooling Fan Motor

    I'm in the process of bringing my Mark up to be the most dependable,safe car I can before giving it to my grandson.....One of the changes was changing out the fan motor.....Big problem.....there is no listing for a 98 Mark fan motor I looked and looked but I couldn't find one.....93/96 motors are all over the place but no 97/98.....I took my car to my local auto shop and talked to them about the problem,said they'd look into it.....A few hours later got a call saying they cross referenced the p/n F8LH8K621-AA and came up with p/n VDO 9032 which they installed.....Came home,looked it up on ebay and found the SAME EXACT motor that came out of my car.....OK so it shows 93/96 Marks fine but in a bind I'll just have to see over time if all is well..... VDO 9032 overheat....bruce

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    That's great news, Bruce! Thanks for posting this here, just in case someone else comes looking for a radiator fan.

    Keep us posted on the owner, too. A Mark VIII is a pretty fantastic first car. Make sure he knows what he has. "Grandson, there are about 26 people on the Internet who will be /seriously/ upset with you if you wreck this thing."

    Mike Martin

    1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
    2001 Dodge Dakota


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      I purchased a complete 97 fan/shroud assembly about 6 years ago, and used just the motor for my 96. Works just fine. Just as an fyi, the only difference between the 93-96, 97, 98 Fan assemblies is the fan blade/wheel assembly.
      96 MKVIII Base


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        Thanks to both of you.....Sat in traffic the other day for over 45 minutes (SoCal freeways) on a hot day with no problem.....none!....All I care about is if it's good to go (regardless of year) and it is. bruce