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Heater Blower Motor Stops Working

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  • Heater Blower Motor Stops Working

    This is common on the Mark VIII. It's usually the wire going to the blower motor from the module. You can see the white connector gets burned up on the orange wire side.

    I've had to replace this a few times, but I ran out of good spares. Luckily I saved the old ones and just used the good black wire from an old one to repair a recent bad one on the 98. I couldn't use the plastic connector, because it was all melted, so I just put shrink wrap on the metal connector.

    It works great.

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    1994 Deep Jewel Green 183,142 miles
    1997 White LSC 135k miles
    1998 White Collectors Edition 175k
    1994 Black (#2) 100k miles
    1993 Deep Jewel Green Convertible