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Wipers won't park or run properly

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  • Wipers won't park or run properly

    Wipers won't park, or they won't wipe the windshield, and you can hear the motor is running when the wipers don't move.

    The second one happened to my 98 CE last week, the wipers would start to wipe, then just sit there. These are both problems that can be caused by the park mechanisim. It's easy to fix and only costs a few sprays of penetrating oil.

    Just remove the driver's wiper arm and driver's plastic cowl cover. Then remove the plastic cap from the park mechanisim. I used a small screwdriver that I tapped with a small hammer on the edge of the cover, to pop it off.

    There is a pin that can get stuck, preventing it from locking into the square notch in the round part of the shaft coming from the wiper motor (sorry, I don't know the actual part names). My pin was completely stuck in, so the mechanisim never engaged with the shaft, the shaft would spin but the wipers wouldn't move.

    When you turn the wipers off, the motor reverses and the park happens when the pin pops into the notch from the other direction. It's kind of funny to watch when it's working right.

    What I did was spray the oil all over the pin and fiddled with it, with a small screwdriver, until it moved freely again. I put it back together and it works fine again.

    I took a photo of a spare that I have to show, the pin is on the left. This one is different than the one I fixed, but it works the same, the cap was easier to remove without tapping a screwdriver in the edge.

    Click image for larger version

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