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Question about Mark VIII Longevity

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  • Question about Mark VIII Longevity

    Hi Guys,

    Newbie here, but certainly not a newbie to Mark VIII's.

    Owned a silver '98 Mark VIII LSC for about 6 years starting around '99. Sold it in 2005 . Which may be my biggest car related regret ever. Replaced with a 2005 Jeep GrandC LTD/Hemi same year ... which is my second biggest car regret ever.

    Finally getting to a place where I may consider getting a "fun" car in near future and despite all the choices currently available, am oddly drawn back to Mark VIII's. I've looked around a bit recently, and it seems that picking up an almost pristine example for under or around 10k is quite doable.

    Which leads me to my question, with the youngest examples being 20 years old at this point, how have they held up over the years? How is ongoing maintainability looking? Is service or spare parts availability a problem? Anything else related to keeping a Mark VIII running for the foreseeable future that I should be aware of?

    Thanks in advance!
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