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Multiple Issues - Same Problem or Multiple Problems

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  • Multiple Issues - Same Problem or Multiple Problems

    Hello All,

    It has been a while since I have been on here. I had some issues with my email and then I couldn't remember my password... Long story and unnecessary for the issues at hand, however here I am and please forgive me if I seem like a new guy with no clue what I'm doing on here but that's how I feel at the moment again after being away for a while and now seeing that some of the site has changed visually and functionally in some ways.

    Anyways, on to the Issues....

    I believe I posted about this a while back but can't remember for sure and I don't seem to be finding it a the moment (unless I just cant seem to remember how to find it on here). So thank you for your patience.

    I have a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII that has the following issues that I know of:

    1. ABS Light always on
    2. Odometer does not work (speedometer does)
    3. Cruise Control not working.

    ABS and Odometer issues were there when I bought the car and the Cruise Control worked fine until a couple months after I had it and that stopped working also. What I am wondering is could all of the issues be a symptom of the same problem (fix one part they all go away) or does this sound more like I have a lot of problems (showing a lot of issues)?

    I did find a diagram of how to pull the trouble codes for the ABS which I am hoping to be able to do tomorrow if the weather is a little warmer, but even if I find the Error Code are the parts accessible for replacement?

    The car needs a bit of work including needing a new grille (doesn't have one currently), could use new headlights, headliner and some new tires. All stuff that I am willing to put the time and effort into because I like the look of the car and have decided that its worth keeping it as long as I can figure these 3 issues out.

    Thank you for any help.

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    I finally found my old posts so I am going to start at the beginning and see what I come up with. However if anyone reads this and has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

    The codes I had before were:

    17 - Reference Voltage Problem
    31 - LH Front Sensor
    32 - RH Front Sensor
    35 - LH Front Sensor
    63 - Pump Motor Speed Sensor
    75 - LH Front Sensor

    I'm not sure why 31,35, and 75 have the same description unless there are more to the code
    than what I have.

    Thank you again,


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      I will try to remember to check my book when I get home
      1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Opal Opalescent on grey, 276/287
      1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Indigo Lights on black
      2002 Ford Focus SVT Sonic Blue on black