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MKZ questions for you folks

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  • MKZ questions for you folks

    Looking at the interior in pictures of a 2014 MKZ, I cannot tell so I thought I'd ask owners:

    as a 6'00" driver, I like my legs mostly extended when I drive but typically the steering wheel is too far away when I move the seat back to achieve the leg position I want.
    So this leads me to my question:
    If I have the seat closer, does the ergonomics force your RIGHT KNEE to rest on the side of the center console when driving?

    The console looks solid so it would be uncomfortable if the side of my right knee had to rest against the center console. Any of you used to own/drive a mark VIII? At least the seating position of a Mark VIII, your legs extended almost straight so your knee never touched the side of the console.

    I do not see where the MKZ offers telescopic steering wheel and adjustable pedals...It wouldn't be an issue if they did. I could extend the pedals away and the steering column closer.

    90% of my driving is 25 miles each way to and from work, all highway, steady speed. I am weird in that I typically place my left hand on the lower 6 o'clock position on a steering wheel and just cruise. I see like most new cars the steering wheel is a 3-spoke design(split bottom spoke) so I cannot "rest" my hand at the 6 o'clock position, more like 7 o'clock, which believe it or not, has made me NOT buy certain cars for THIS EXACT reason.

    Also, does anyone own, or has anyone seen the white pearl tri-coat MKZ paint in person? Is it Pearly like the Mark VIII opalescent?

    They (MKZ) are few and far between around here. I have to drive about 2 hours just to go see one and the cream colored interior picture looks like soft butter-cream, I wonder if it holds up (stay's clean) and how the pearly tri-coat appears in person.

    I am leaning towards this one,,,black with black interior. Do they have heated AND ventilated seats? How about a heated steering wheel? I mean, it IS a would think it would be full of amenities, right?

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    I don't have the option for the pedals, but the telescoping/tilt steering wheel was on my base model. As I'm only 5'8 and shrinking can't help you with the 6' question.

    You could go here for any questions:
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      I am 6'-5" and have a 2017 MKZ. I feel confident your leg will not touch the right side console until your knee cap is damn close to the dashboard (same with mine), and I doubt you'd have the seat that far forward. Unless you really spread your legs wide?? I have a good wide spread, but not too wide, and I never touch unless the seat moves forward, and then it's barely touching my pants. It is relatively soft too. It is my left foot that rests by the firewall that is the problem for me as I can't extend my left leg as far forward as the right, and it's just not far enough for me. I've done plenty of 4hour drives, it's not too bad. The pedals do not adjust on mine and I have the Reserve with just about every option. The steering wheel does power telescope and tilt, and is heated. You will not be able to place your hand at 6 o'clock, but can get a finger in there (giggity). I sometime use my thumb, but I do dislike the cars that have something at 6 oclock, This will likely annoy you at first. I have full heated and ventilated seats that will work automatically with the car starter so it's cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Heated steering wheel also works with the car starter and is by far the best option of any car i've ever had!

      I have not seen the white in person. I do have a BOB and am very happy with it.

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        I remember seeing a white 'pearl' looking MKZ at our local dealer once. It was on a Sunday and the car was outside so you could really see the 'pearl' effect. If I remember correctly, it was the 2016 model when they first came out with the 400+HP twin turbo V6?


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          thank you...ALL of you. You answered my questions perfectly. WARDEN, My Grand marquis has adjustable pedals, but no "dead pedal" for my left foot. It would be perfect for you as your left foot could extend all the way up behind the parking brake pedal to the firewall but for me, I dont have anything to rest it on.

          I am torn between the 300 and the MKZ now...doing my homework and preparing for some test drives. I try to line up all the ducks first because I know if I like the first car I drive, I'll buy it. Just dont want any regrets or "shoulda drove the other one too" feelings.


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            I believe the color you are looking for is referred to as "Platinum Dune Metallic Tri-Coat".


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              yea, that's it...a bit too "creamy" color...I am more hoping to find the black.
              BUT....that said, same dealer with the black 2.0T has a Magnetic Metallic gray V6 with what appears to have more options.

              I am waiting for the dealer to email back. Boy I am making them earn this one with all my follow up emails.

              One picture shows it has controls for heated rear seats. I dont need that option, but if they a posting an image of it, I'd like to know if that image is from the car they have or if they accidentally stuck that in the image stack.

              The complete options break down shows it has tilt/telescoping wheel, but no heated wheel. it shows power rear window shade...where is the controller for that (switch location)?
              It also shows it has the 700 watt THX II sound system but then lists 11 speakers...the THX II option is supposed to have 14 speakers including 2 sub woofers.

              Now these are not MUST HAVES, but if they are listed, and not equipped, I tend to lose faith in the dealer.

              I am trying to find an accurate VIN decoder site that shows EVERY option equipped, not just the basic break down and what options were offered. I've asked the dealer to email be back specific answers to options. I'd love to be able to look it up on a site that clearly shows "SE model with ___ and ___ option" specifically.

              It can also affect resale...I used to say "hog wash to resale. you dont buy a car to worry about resale, you buy it to drive/own"...well, that was before I starting changing cars every 2-3 years.

     many miles do you all have on your MKZ's?
              which engine/drivetrain do you have?

              I see they come with a 4 yr/50k basic warranty and a 6 yr/70k mile powertrain warranty.
              both of these models are 2016 with 37k miles for $17,800 for the 2.0T


              and $18,800 for the V6.

              Both are FWD

              thoughts/recommendations as to longevity? Is the $1000 extra worth it for the V6? I like the 33 mpg of the 2.0T over the 27 MPG of the V6.
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                LITTLE more help MKZ people

                so I am now leaning towards the gray V6 model...I prefer black, and the 2.0T but the gray one has options the black one lacks.
                1)heated AND cooled front seats
                2)heated steering wheel
                3)heated rear seats

                If I could find a black 2.0T with the heated and cooled front seats, I could pass on the heated wheel and sunroof and heated rear seats.

                I guess I am saying...I WANT COOLED SEATS!..I know from experience what a black seat feels like when its 108 degrees out. I also know what a cold steering wheel feels like when its 28 degrees out.

                I cant get the dealer to write back about the black one and its options...they're 2.5 hours away...long way to go to get there and not know which one to buy, and if Im going to be making this kind of decision, I like to have a plan before I even head out of my driveway.

       one knows where I can decode a Lincoln VIN to find out PRECISELY what options it came with?


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                  Test drive an MKS. I am 6'3" and I find the MKS more comfortable.

                  Can't tell options by vin, only if you can find a Monroney sticker generator based on the vin. Also can try FordEtis web page.


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                    Originally posted by BlackIceLSC View Post
           one knows where I can decode a Lincoln VIN to find out PRECISELY what options it came with?
                    I believe an accommodating dealer is the only option you would have in finding precisely what options were factory with any VIN. As far as I know, you can get the base configuration of the vehicle from the VIN but not specific options.

                    Here is an example of a "true VIN decoder"...


                    But, I do know they should be able to "look it up" from the VIN, but I'm not sure how far back they can go. I literally argued with my dealer's service department over what options were or were not on the 2016 Navigator we were sold. When they eventually "looked it up" and realized they were in error, they were quite apologetic.


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                      Originally posted by steve View Post
                      Test drive an MKS. I am 6'3" and I find the MKS more comfortable.
                      I'm not really a fan of the design. Former Limousine operator/manager/Chauffeur and it's too much like a re-sculpted Town car (read "ruined").
                      Not to mention they cost quite a bit more than I want to spend. For that money, I can get a low mileage 2017 MKZ...except...I dont like the new MKZ grill design.

                      I like the modern design of the 13-16 MKZ and the interior layout. I find it curious as to why Lincoln changed the MKZ interior "control center" for the sound system and climate control back to analog for 2017. Me thinks they had issues with the touch-bars (similar to Cadillac's controls). I would love the 2016 body design with the 2017 controls for HVAC and infotainment system.

                      I spend most of the time alone in the car. I appreciate the advise as for "size" but finding out that the pedals are far enough away from the seat in a MKZ means I can have the best of both.
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                        I hate the capacitive controls on the Ford/Lincoln dashes. Just because the technology was there some designer said we have to use it. They must be from southern CA where it don't get cold because you can't use them with gloves on, unless you get the smart phone gloves. I think the customers have said they don't like it. Therefore going back to buttons and knobs.


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                          Originally posted by steve View Post
                          I hate the capacitive controls on the Ford/Lincoln dashes. Just because the technology was there some designer said we have to use it. They must be from southern CA where it don't get cold because you can't use them with gloves on, unless you get the smart phone gloves. I think the customers have said they don't like it. Therefore going back to buttons and knobs.
                          man you're smart. I never thought of that (using them in the cold). well said. I would have to agree with you. I have often thought the same thing about many of the implements we are forced to use today, knowing full-well that tomorrow's newest design will be reverted back to yesterday's technology just didn't appeal/work/sell.

                          Fortunately, in the Mark VIII, many of the "industry's first____" , stuck, stayed, worked, was well-received by the public AND much of those "gadgets" are still used today.


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                            In the 1980s, digital dashes were all the rage, like in the C4 Corvette, but the C5 went back to analog, just cause people like it better.


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                              I really liked the digital dash in my '86 Town Car..

                              I also /really/ liked the (digital) HUD I've seen on a couple different Corvettes over the years. That should be on every car. period.
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