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    Pictures (from the dealer's web site. it was wet the day they took these)!

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      Very nice!

      Good luck with the new era of Black Ice!


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        Purdy! Congratulations, Craig! Best of luck with it!


        The Mark - 98 LSC Generously Modified


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          The tuxedo black is fantastic. I think it was Steve's MKS where I realized how "metal" it was, and I love it.

          Does yours have the self-parking? Try it. It's frighteningly fast.
          Mike Martin

          1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
          2001 Dodge Dakota


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            GREAT lookin' car.... altho NOT my preference. I love looking at other's black cars but HATE the paint maintenance on black and white cars. As I HAVE to park in driveway, I need to use all painless methods to keep my cars as clean as possible with as little maintenance as possible.... have found that gray is the best for me. Guess that's why the good LORD gave us choices, eh?
            Bud Pytko
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              Thanks gang....I am absolutely in love with this car. I need to clean it up (it's been through a few days of rain since purchase) and post better pictures.
              I do truly love the metallic paint in the Tuxedo Black. The photos of the hazelnut seat color doesn't really show well. It fits the interior quite well and breaks up all the black.

              I cannot thank you all enough for your input and words of encouragement. This is one purchase I feel I deserve and have earned. it sure makes sending those payments every month a lot easier, if you know what I mean.

              Oh, and I guess I did something right with the old Mercury...the dealer has decided to keep it and sell it rather than ship it off to auction. Usually a 12 year old car with 117k on the clock and in need of new tires and brakes wont make it passed the service bay, and typically goes straight to auction. Not this one...they fixed it up and are listing it for an ABSURD amount of $6491.
              it books for about $5k on a good day, and the dealership prides themselves on the whole "no haggle price"....It's painted on their wall!

              Anyway...the new era has begun...and I am sure I will have more questions.
              I need to bring the owner's manual in to the's always a great place for reading.


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                Congrats, my MKS is TBM as well as the roof of my FLex, it pops in the sun.