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Lincoln LS Transmission Issues

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  • Lincoln LS Transmission Issues

    Well there doesn't seem to be a lot of traffic in here but I'll post anyway. Just like most other Lincoln LS cars mine is having transmission trouble. I've had the car for a little over a year now and until now it's never given me any trouble. I was driving the car most of the day with zero sign of any trouble. Running, shifting, driving fine. Go home, park it and go inside. Next morning get it to leave, start it up, let it warm up until it idled down then put it gear. Nothing... No drive or reverse, doesn't sound or feel like it engaged in gear at all. No wierd noises or anything unusual just won't move... Nothing. Next day I try again and it drives away like normal. Runs, drives shifts fine. Park it overnight and it hasn't moved since.
    I do know the solenoid packs and servos are problem areas with the 5R55 transmission but when I find information about the solenoid pack and servo the car not going into gear at all doesn't come up in the symptoms of those 2 issues.
    Has anyone else had this happen or know what might be causing this? It's a very clean car and has 132,000 on it, I'm not exactly wanting to spend the $ on a comple rebuild if I can fix it myself. Also if the transmission threw a code would the check engine light be on or would it be stored in the bcm or tcm