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Mark vii air pump delete belt size

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  • Mark vii air pump delete belt size

    Friend of mine has an 89 LSC,he wants to eliminate his air pump and plumbing for it.What is the size of the serpintine belt that is used when this type of job is done.Any help would be appreciated,thanks.
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    I'm thinking an idler pulley in place of the original pump is the preferred method for this.

    I did some research, and it looks like this /should/ be the part for the job. (Or search a supplier of your choice for "M-8604-A50")

    Summit lists it for Mustangs, but I see it listed elsewhere as fitting the Mark VII also.

    That allows you to just run the stock belt, and you won't have the reduced contact area with the fan pulley that you would by running a shorter one.
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      As far as I remember you can use the same shorter belt all the Fox Mustang guys use, should be easy enough to look up. Sorry but my Fox days are long behind me otherwise I'd know it off the top of my head...
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