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The 14 Model T Re-Furbish

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  • The 14 Model T Re-Furbish

    First some background on the car...

    This Ford Model “T” was originally owned by my grandfather Loran. Back in 1958, he heard thru the grapevine that two old bachelors in Brooten, Minnesota were looking to sell their old 1914 Model “T” and being that my grandmother (His Wife) was born in 1914 it was important to him that he got that car. Grandpa loran was a great car lover, owning such vehicles as a 37 Cord, T-birds, a model “A” and a center door model “T”, so after a quick convincing to his wife he went to go buy another car.

    He brought his 5 yr. old son (My Uncle) to go look at it and once they got there, they were brought out to the chicken coop were it had been sitting for an estimated 30 years. Even though it took a little bit to get it running, they did finally get it going.

    Click image for larger version

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    The two old gentlemen wanted to celebrate the sale of the car and wanted to have a drink. My Grandfather, not being a “drinking” man watched them pull out an old jug filled with some kind of liquor. He was a good sport and did have that drink with them to celebrate. Then they towed it home and went to work. He spent the next few years restoring the car, physically hunting down the parts he needed to restore the car, cleaning it up, painting it and redoing the upholstery. To this day family still has that old jug as that was part of the sale.

    He was most definitely a Ford man. He loved to tinker and many people came up to the family over the years who would recall going into the hardware store at any given time just to talk “cars” with Grandpa Loran.

    Click image for larger version

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    Since Lauren’s passing in 1984 no one has been able to drive it because it isn’t as simple to drive as one would think. So roughly after 25 years in storage my mom and I enlisted the help of the local Model T club to instruct us on “How to fix, maintain & drive a Model T”. 2010 was really the first year we have had it out, we took it to a few threshing shows, local car shows and even did a 120 mile tour in it back in 2011, even used in my Wedding in September of 2012 and a few car shows this year.
    This car other than being a family heirloom it has some unique touches like the acetylene gas head lights and a hand crank to start the engine. The most interesting thing about the 13-14’ “T’s” is brass plating except for the “T” that my grandpa bought, it’s the only nickel plated one that I have ever seen and so far have not determined weather the car came that way or if it was some European model of some sorts.

    Click image for larger version

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    Since Lauren finished the car over 50 years ago, it has remained untouched. As much as I would like to keep the car 100% original as possible the engine and transmission were just having too many issues and I decided before it turns 100 that she deserves a tight, well running engine for the next 100 years.

    After the power plant is finished there will be some minor body restoration done on the fire wall and the nickel plating.

    Click image for larger version

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    So in October Mike, Luke and I started pulling the motor. Which involves removing the headlights, marker lights, radiator, hood, fire wall, windshield, steering wheel and the floor boards.

    Click image for larger version

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    To Be Continued...
    -00 Honda Accord (The MPG'er)
    -97 Mark VIII Base (The Row'er)
    -95 Mark VIII LSC (The Go'er)
    -14 Model T touring (The Show'er)
    -Rebuilding the T