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    My ecobost Flex has a nice torque curve and power down low, better than my 97 Mark VIII LSC had down low.


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      Congrats. I love Mustangs. I had a 2001 Bullitt.
      Norm Wagner

      If you are going through hell, keep going.


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        that's a nice one


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          you can literally "trim" the lasagna off the rear window...using a utility knife and a good eye for a straight edge, just cut it off. I did it to 3 of my Mark VIII's. it has nothing to do with weather-sealing the glass. The rubber is there to seal the gap for aesthetics and aero only.
          First attempt I made was to buy those "door edge guards" you slip on to the lasagna to flatten them out...they looked too bulky, and you still had to trim them to fit right.
          I eventually just got a razor blade and cut the rubber back to the edge of the channel. After a day or two, I forgot I even did it as it looked normal. Can you even tell?


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            Exactly what I thought. I've been hoping to hear confirmation from someone who had done this exact "mod" and been pleased with the results. Every modern car is built this way now anyway, so I always figured it would look just fine..
            Mike Martin

            1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
            2001 Dodge Dakota