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    mice in the clutch huh, thats a new one.
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    1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Indigo Lights on black
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      Eric! You've been busy! This forum is overdue for a nice build thread, too. I'm glad to see this here.

      I wonder if Ford has approved mouse nesting for clutch use. I suspect not. Kinda makes me wonder if you could have burned through it with a little work, had you known that was the culprit.

      I wonder what the v6 sounds like with headers and strait pipes..
      Mike Martin

      1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
      2001 Dodge Dakota


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        Wish I was working on the Lincoln but this needed to be done, can't live without a truck.

        Yup, mice and 20 years took its toll, transmission guy says he has seen it before, just not a common failure. Slave cylinder was leaking as well.

        I found headers but they're cheap and I'm guessing they will fail in a few years, looks like thin steel and poor welds. Best just to put logs back on and not have to worry about it.

        I want this truck to be quiet, I even found a good write up for installing a Mark VIII fan, ditching the fan project is complete in my garage with out some form of Mark VIII part in my cars.

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          Nice work. You might want to check out evapo rust, it is amazing at removing rust:

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