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  • Cataclean?

    2011 Crown Vic here with 305k miles, and today my engine light comes on. Scan at the local Advanced comes up with 4 codes on the cat converter. Guy says I need to get something called Cataclean and run it through the gas tank to correct the problem.

    Is it worth doing this...will it make the engine run better or get better gas mileage?

    Should I use Cataclean or some other product to get this done?

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    I've never heard of Cataclean, but I'm immediately suspicious of something intended to "repair" what I've always understood to be a wear item.

    Do you have a record of the codes? If I had to guess, you'll either need new o2 sensors, or new cats. If the catalytic converters are bad, I don't think there's really anything to do but suck it up and replace 'em. Really, it's the same story with the o2 sensors.

    As an aside, I would suggest you pick up your own OBDII code reader. Bluetooth units that can sync with an Android phone can be had for as little as $15. Handheld units with basic built-in explanations of the codes, can be had for not a whole lot more. They'll work on most cars, and will save you a lot of time.
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      Sorry it took so long to get back. The check engine light went off but it came back on yesterday so I got the codes read again. Guy's machine read 4 codes but said they were all the same code...P0430.

      I'm game for the lacquer thinner option I've been hearing about. I see low voc lacquer thinner for sale. Wonder if it matters which version you use?