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96 Town Car front license bracket

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  • 96 Town Car front license bracket

    Painting front bumper cover & would like to replace license plate bracket. Unable to find a new one. Anyone have a nice undamaged used one for sale? I am in Pa near Carlisle. Thanks

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    I have a couple ideas, but I like this one the best, so I'll mention it first.

    Where I'm from, a '96 is eligible for "collector" plates, and if you read the fine print, a front plate is not required. If PA is similarly friendly, that might be your best bet.

    Failing that, I do see a few options. Keep reading

    This one appears to be a knock-off part, but claims to be new.

    This appears to be the same part, from the same vendor, for the same price, but with a different link, and with a photo..

    Keep in mind several vendors list the part, but claim it's out of stock. Who knows when you hit the "buy" button on that one, but I figure it's worth a shot.

    I found it by searching for part number: F5VY17A385A or FO1068103 You could plug these in google, or ebay, and see what else pops up. As common as these Town Cars are (read: taxis) you would sure think this is a part you could source pretty easily.

    Mike Martin

    1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
    2001 Dodge Dakota