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A/C problems 99 Lincoln

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  • A/C problems 99 Lincoln

    I was given a 99 Lincoln Cartier. When I first started driving it, the a/c worked great blowing out of the vents. Then one day, the a/c only blew out of the defrost vents. Now the a/c won't work at all, need help on figuring this out, if this has happened to someone else or what is wrong. I checked all the fuses, they are fine. Can anyone help me please, thanks, it's HOT in Texas now.

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    The AC only blowing out the defroster vents is usually a symptom of a loss of vacuum to the EATC (Electronic Air Temperature Control) unit. Likely the cause is a broken vacuum tube/hose/connection in the engine compartment.

    By "won't work at all", do you mean it quit blowing air altogether? Or does it blow hot ("not cold")?

    If it quit blowing altogether, look around under/behind the glove box for a wire harness going to the blower motor. They have a history of a bad connection. It could also be a blown resistor on the blower motor circuit but I'm unsure which model years that was commonplace.


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      seems like it is blowing cold out of the defrost vents, but not blowing at full speed


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        Like driller said, it looks like you have 2 different problems, the vacuum leak causing the air to come out the drfrost vent, and a blower motor power problem. I'll move this to the Town Car section, the Town Car folks might be familiar with where exactly to look for the common trouble spots.

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          I checked out all that was mentioned, now the blower will not blow at all, out of any vent, I saw something on you tube about the compressor clutch not engaging, I can move it with my fingers, but it's very stiff to do, can I spray a lubricant on it?


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            As a general rule, lubricants and clutches do not go well together. If the clutch is not engaging, it is likely either low on freon or there is an electrical open in the harness, the harness connection or the clutch itself.

            Back to the blower... have you tried the self-test of the EATC?
            • The self-test can be initiated at any time. Normal operation of the system stops when the self-test is activated.
            • To enter the self-test, press the OFF and FLOOR buttons simultaneously and then press the AUTOMATIC button within two seconds. The display will show a pulse tracer going around the center of the display window. The test may run as long as 30 seconds. Record all DTCs displayed.
            • If any DTCs appear during the self-test, follow the diagnostics procedure given under ACTION for each DTC given.
            • If a condition exists but no DTCs appear during the self-test, refer to the Symptom Chart Condition: The EATC System Is Inoperative, Intermittent or Incorrect Operation.
            • To exit the self-test and clear all DTCs, press the DEFROST button. The vacuum fluorescent display window will show 888 and all function symbols for one second. The EATC control assembly will then turn OFF (display blank) and all DTCs will be cleared.
            • Always exit the self-test before powering the system down (system turned OFF).