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    The TV in the kitchen/dining room was a lost cause since the discontinued SlingBox SlingCatcher gave up the ghost, so I decided today to replace it with some upcoming technology... Internet TV.

    I had already done my homework and made a decision on what to buy, so a quick trip to the local Best Buy netted me a 24" Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV.

    Setup was pretty easy and like most new products included the mandatory online "update" out of the box.

    Pandora, YouTube and NetFlix are my favorites right now but I still have a lot of exploring to do. Watching the "mark8driller" channel on YouTube was pretty cool.

    I need to get a different wall mount since the set is a bit too heavy for the mount the older 15" set was on. For now it sits on the counter. The remote takes a bit getting used to, seems kind of like a mix of game controller, mouse, keyboard and TV remote.

    The 1080p/60Hz picture is Sony quality and very impressive for an LCD screen IMHO. The set works flawlessly with wifi from the wireless-N router serving the house. Sound is OK, but there are plenty of inputs/outputs for upgrading the sound for those who would use it in more of a home-theater environment. It may be overpriced for some, but considering the leading edge products usually are, you get a lot for your money.

    If anyone has one or is thinking of getting one, post up and perhaps we can explore the bold new world of Internet TV together.

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    Hmmm I'll have to research. I'm new to this Internet tv.
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