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Thread: Post a picture you took today.

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    It sounds like you did pretty well on the deal. I have no doubt that it will serve you well.
    Mike Martin

    1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
    1999 Town Car Signature Touring
    2001 Dodge Dakota

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    All the dealer add ons (window tint, door edge guards, seating surface protection), maintenance for life (I will complete oil change # 60 this weekend on my Grand Marquis), an extended warranty that covers our driving pattern (20k a year, but will go down), drive it up to Edge price territory, but when added to an Edge push me past what I want to spend on two vehicles. I have to get another car for my daughter, and since she doesn't live at home (away at college), I don't want to put her in an older car so I don't get the 10 am calls about loud noise and oil on the ground, I might consider a 3 year lease for her, and if she wants to keep it she can assume the buy out off lease, and save up while it is leased by us. Lease doesn't fit our lifestyle (20k a year, keep car for 10+ (really 20ish) years), but who knows where she will end up after college (not at home!). Fiesta seems a little toylike so minimum would be a Focus.

    I did finance it as to not drain the bank account to an uncomfortable level, but 36 month terms mean I pay an additional 550 bucks, worth it but might pay it off early.

    Still not happy with the amount of road noise, and auto stop-start at lights is odd when in a left turn lane and creep into the intersection, the start from your phone thing is s-l-o-w to do anything, still can't test the locate car functionality as it is blocked for 24 hours for good reason. Bluetooth sound is delayed a full second (watching netflix while stopped waiting for my son), I might try adding a bluetooth dongle to one of the USB ports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris2523 View Post
    I had Mo Lones at LSXkilr tune it.
    i got a scan of the chart. looks like about 260 at 3500
    Thats a pretty dam good number at that rpm.

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