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Thread: Steering fluid leak

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    Quote Originally Posted by billcu View Post
    I'm curious to see how the car handles with this manual rack. I might want to try this the next time I have to swap a rack.
    Not sure why, but I remember you asking and figured I'd update the thread with an answer.

    I've only had the car to the drag strip, and only once, but I am very pleased with the handling and steering. Sure, the manual rack requires more effort but only at low speeds. I even looped around the pits a few times to see how the steering actually was.

    I'm also happy to note that the alignment worked rather well. No complaints at all, the car tracked true and straight down the track!

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    Thanks for the update JP, I am interested in hearing about this.

    My MG has a manual rack and I love it. Sure, it's much lighter than the Mark, but I have to imagine how good the Mark would feel, at speed, on the expressway, or of course, the track.

    Glad to hear the alignment is good, did you tweak it any?

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