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Thread: Back in a Lincoln as a Daily

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    I plan on going back to a Lincoln for my daily driver very soon, but I am not buying a new Lincoln.
    I am taking my '97 Mark VIII out of storage and will be driving it from NJ to Texas in either November or December.
    It will be taking me to work every day in San Antonio.
    I changed out all the timing chains a few years back, but then never got to drive it much after that due to an assignment that had me living in Ukraine for nearly four years. When I returned to the USA, I accepted a position in Texas. My daily driver is currently a Ford Escape, but I miss the Mark and will see if it can handle The Texas Hill country on a daily basis.

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    Glad to hear you're back, and driving the Mark again. Texas sounds like a very nice place to be in November and December. Congrats on the new position!
    Mike Martin

    1997 Mark VIII LSC 5.0
    2001 Dodge Dakota

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    San Antonio is a nice town, I spent 9 very long weeks there. I've got to go to TX this winter for training and I think I might just drive my Mark down for that.
    -00 Honda Accord (The MPG'er)
    -97 Mark VIII Base (The Row'er)
    -95 Mark VIII LSC (The Go'er)
    -14 Model T touring (The Show'er)
    -Rebuilding the T

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