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    A Few Small Projects On The MKX

    Recently my wife and I bought a 2012 MKX for her daily driver since we won't be car pooling anymore with her new job. So far we really like the car, the interior is especially nice. Anyway, I had a few small projects I wanted to get done before we really started using it. I thought I would...
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    MKX thoughts?

    My wife was thinking about getting an Edge a couple of years old. I found that the MKX really isn't much more on the used market and. We were leaning towards the new body style (11+). Anyone have one that they can give some feedback on?
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    FS: NIB Mark VIII Condensor

    NIB Mark VIII AC Condensor I bought this when I was redoing my AC system this summer. It turns out that mine was ok, it is too late to return it now. I would prefer not to ship it. I am located in Bridgewater MA It is a spectra/cooling depot part #7-4413 Autozone- $145 + tax Rock Auto- $99 +...
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    Who is going from MA?

    I have a friend that is bringing his car down to Carlisle to hand off to Jeremi for some upgrades ;). He is looking for a ride back to MA if anyone has an open seat. Let me know, thanks!
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    WTB: Gen 1 Front Cornering Lights

    A friend of mine has a 93 with some corrosion issues on the chrome on his cornering lights. He is looking for some really clean ones. Let me know what you have. For reference, this is the light that I'm looking for.
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    My Jacobsen Turfcat Project

    So on another thread I got into a conversation about my recent tractor project. I thought I would post up a few pics here. It isn't a Lincoln, but it has wheels and an engine! This past spring I bought a house. Needless to say it has a very long driveway, about 1200' of pavement. I was able...
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    WTB: Gen 1 Front Chrome Strip Above Grill

    I'm just putting the feelers out on this one. I'm not 100% sure I need it yet, I may be able to bend mine back. Let me know what you have. Anything close to Bridgewater MA would be great so we don't have to deal with shipping this long and easily bent part.
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    TC lock and unlock

    I noticed the other day while driving the 95 LSC on this highway at a steady 70 or 75, the TC was unlocking, then staying that way for a minute or so and then locking up. It started doing it again today. It seems to be unrelated to speed, I brought it up to 85, down to 60-65 and it continued...
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    WTB: Gen 1 Hood Release Bar

    I'm looking to buy the hood release bar that goes from the hood lock in the center to the spot above the passenger side headlight. Let me know what you have.
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    Warped rotor feel after sitting for a few months

    My 95 was sitting outside for the last few months until I had a chance to get to a few things. As usual when sitting outside the rotors rusted up a bit. I had just put new pads and rotors on the car all around last fall when I rebuilt the front suspension and put a new oil pan on. I started...
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    Shredded a serpentine belt last night

    So my 95 has been retired to winter duty for the past few years. I decided this year, for a few reasons to keep it on the road all year. I just got another set of directional wheels with all season tires so I didn't have to chew up the winters. Also, the car has been sitting unused for about...
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    WTB: Gen 1 Grill

    Someone backed into my friends 93 and cracked up his grill pretty good. It is going to be painted black, so the condition of the chrome doesn't matter. Let me know what you have.
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    New England Meet Poll

    Ok here are a few proposed dates. I was thinking a pot luck kind of thing. I'll provide a grill, some burgers, and some drinks. If there is a big crowd I probably won't have enough for everyone. So if everyone could bring something that would be good, BYOB too. Here are some things that...
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    Attention All New England Members!

    Hey I just moved into a new place and I have plenty of parking and a very private location. We can have a cook out and just a general hang out and get together. There hasn't been anything like this in a long time out this way. It is just an idea at this point, it would probably sometime much...
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    FS: T-Bird SC Wheels and Winter Tires

    There wheels and tires have been used for the last 5 or so winters on my 95 Mark VIII. The rear tires have penny of tread left on them. The fronts probably only have one season left at lest, they are marginal. I want these out of my garage, $75 boo! They are located in Bridgewater MA. Front...
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    FS: Thunderbird SC Wheels with Winter Tires

    $100- Local pick up only in Milford, MA. There wheels and tires have been used for the last few winters on my 95 Mark VIII. The rear tires have penny of tread left on them. The fronts probably only have one season left at best, they are marginal. The wheels were painted black a few years back...
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    Issues with my 95- Stumbling & Multiple DTC

    A few weeks back my mark started stumbling at part throttle. It would momentarily cut out and come back. I had an occasional blip one day and then I wasn't sure if I was going to get home from work the next day. My first guess was the fuel pump, the car has 175k on it, it wasn't out of the...
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    FS: Gen 1 Base Black Front & Rear Bumper

    They are in good shape, they have been painted in the past professionally. I believe the chrome is blacked out. I'm listing this for my friend. They have been sitting in his garage since he swapped out to LSC bumpers. Make an offer! They are located in Westport MA. Pick up only!
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    WTB: PS line bracket

    I'm looking for the bracket that hold the line right up at the pump. Let me know what you have!
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    Replacing Your Upper Control Arms? Take a Look at the Raybestos Replacments

    As you may have seen in my other threads I'm doing some much overdue work in preparation for the winter on my 95. One of the things on my list was to replace all of the control arms, I knew the lower ball joints were bad and I'm sure the uppers were on their last legs too. A few years ago I had...