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  1. tbirddmnd

    Would this Mustang key fob programming sequence work for our Marks?

    Found this on Late Model, which is a Mustang restoration site: The video should load automatically, and I was wondering if this would work on our Marks. I only have one key fob...
  2. tbirddmnd

    FS: 98 CE on eBay in Pompano Beach FL with 44,951 miles They're asking $8900 for a Buy-It-Now. Seems clean, reflective paint, plenty of photos if anyone's interested.
  3. tbirddmnd

    FS: 1998 CE Cordovan in Clearwater FL - 78k miles for $5,990

    Found this on AutoTrader for anyone who might be looking for a Cordovan 98 CE: ][]]&listingId=333731686&Log=0"]CLICK HERE. It looks clean enough but the driver's seat could perhaps use some cleaning. The back passenger wheel and the front driver's wheel are reversed, possibly due to a...
  4. tbirddmnd

    Milan (Michigan) Dragway Friday Night Racing - October 12th

    CometGSR (James) from the TCCOA forum and also a member here has posted there: << It's time for a fall meet at Milan Dragway on Friday, October 12th! Gates open at 6:00 and run until ??? Bring your car out and get some good time slips. This would be a great way to close the season out...
  5. tbirddmnd

    FS: 98 CE White on eBay: $11.5K, 38.8K miles

    Link: It's in Kevil, Kentucky, doesn't seem too bad but there are no pics of the underside. Seems really clean - if someone wants to spend around $10K!! Pic below, don't know if you can see it, you may have to be signed...
  6. tbirddmnd

    2012 Michigan Avenue Cruise

    I'm going, anyone else? In the morning I'm going to stop by the Summit Park in Canton to pass out some flyers for my hoodliners to the Corvette Legends Club people, and then I should be at the Cruise by noon. I'll head over to Village Ford in Dearborn on Michigan Avenue west of Outer Drive to...
  7. tbirddmnd

    FS: This 98 CE once more makes an appearance on the 'Bay

    A "brand-new" 98 CE #0842 with exactly 000092.5 miles on the odometer in Plymouth Michigan, asking price almost the same as when it was bought new. I think our friend on here should "pulley and manual" this one. Ok, let...
  8. tbirddmnd

    FS: 1998 LSC Gold Spring Feature

    Not mine but on the 'Bay: BEFORE you click: it's in North Carolina, has 71,000 miles and he's asking $45,000! Isn't that way too much even for a rare gold "Spring Feature" Mark VIII? The engine bay could use some...
  9. tbirddmnd

    FS: 98 CE in the north Orlando area - 59K miles $6,995

    Saw this clean-looking 98 CE on the web: CLICK HERE FOR LINK. CLICK HERE FOR 22 PHOTOS. Thought I'd put it out there. Looks decent in the pics, low miles at 59,597 and reasonably priced. It's in Casselberry/Altamonte Springs Florida which is north of Orlando.
  10. tbirddmnd

    FS: 97 Toreador Red LSC on eBay

    Some used car lot in Florida is asking $9,995 for a 45,000 mile 97 LSC in Toreador Red with Prairie Tan interior. Very clean and shiny, but lots of black in the rear neon/lens. Here's the eBay link...
  11. tbirddmnd

    1947 Lincoln "Mark VIII"

    Found this on the 'Bay - a 1994 Gen 1 was stripped of its' body and a 1947 Lincoln body was put on the frame. Here's the description: A 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII was fitted with a highly modified 1947 Lincoln body with most of the Mark VIII systems working. Only the automaic door locks and...
  12. tbirddmnd

    FS: Found on AutoTrader - 98 LSC 62K miles $5900 Toreador Red w/Lt Graphite Gray

    I found this while playing around with AutoTrader. It took me to the dealer site here. This 98 LSC is in Chicago, Toreador Red with Lt Graphite Gray interior, 62K miles at $5900. It looks clean but I'm not impressed with the American Racing 16" wheels on it. Plenty of pics though. Link again...
  13. tbirddmnd

    New front wheel bearings - thanks Jeremi!

    My 97 LSC developed the unmistaken wheel bearing "hum" or "grind" on the right front wheel. Going straight and the hum was there, turn right and it went away. It was also felt in the floorboard. A quick call to Jeremi and the annoying bearing noise was no more. Although I only had a problem with...
  14. tbirddmnd

    Milestone reached - 100K miles

    I searched but couldn't find a thread on this...... Last night I reached the 100,000 mile mark. I knew it was coming and I had my digital camera with me. So it's just now broken-in! Of course I got it with around 88,500 miles already on it!
  15. tbirddmnd

    Gen 1 goes up in flames Dunno what caused it, the full story is only available to registered users of this newspaper in northern Florida. Any idea what this smoke coming through the vent could have been that led to this car fire? ADDED...
  16. tbirddmnd

    Steam cleaned engine and now I have a miss!

    I searched and coulnd't find a similar problem. This past Thursday the 17th I steam cleaned the engine with a hose, some Simple Green and Turtle Wax tire dressing to make things shiny. I have a procedure that works for my 97 Thunderbird and my wife's 01 Windstar. The engine comes out looking...
  17. tbirddmnd

    Upgraded factory radio in my 97 Mark VIII LSC with JBL Premium Audio

    I'm making a new thread to indicate what I did to change the factory cassette radio out of my 97 LSC to a new Sony AM/FM/HD/CD aftermarket deck. I went with the Sony CDX-GT700HD CD/MP3 receiver with built-in HD radio. I bought it on the 'Bay and not through any physical store, and certainly not...
  18. tbirddmnd

    1997 Mark VIII LSC, silver, $7995, Detroit area

    I saw a silver 1997 Mark VIII LSC in the Detroit suburb of Wayne at a used car lot on Michigan Avenue called Law Auto. Once I got in to work I went to the website and found that it has 41,933 miles on it and they're asking $7,995. To see pics and more info click here...
  19. tbirddmnd

    Lincoln LS 5-star rims on Mark VIII

    A guy I know says his father owned a green 98 LSC that was recently sold and it had chrome 5-star Lincoln LS rims on it. He knows the rims were 17 inches but nothing more, unknown on width or offset. I wouldn't mind a set of these on my 97 LSC, doing an eBay search yields 17 x 7.5 with an offset...
  20. tbirddmnd

    I'm here thanks to Jeremi (Mad1stGen)!

    Greetings to all you great Lincoln owners! I finally made it, been wanting a 2nd Gen Mark LSC for a couple of years and I now have one, thanks to Jeremi and his "Mark VIIIs R Us"! I also know rtalber1 with his '98 Cordovan CE and jbird97 (Jake) with his black 98 LSC (where can I get a set of...