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    Motor Mount
  2. LSCmuscle

    Splash Guards

    I just took a peak at their website. Says it's $39.90, I'm assuming that is for base and mid coats (says both are shipped with order). However, it gives two options for color code. After entering the vehicles info and selecting color option WK, it automatically highlighted the M6553A, but...
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    Splash Guards

    Looks great :thumbsup:, think I might try it out once nicer weather rolls around.
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    Splash Guards

    Can't wait to see them on the car, I have a set and was thinking about painting them opal/opalescent to match the body. I just didn't care for how the black looked against the white. Where are you getting the paint to match? Is it out of a rattle can or something you've mixed up and ran...
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    Post a picture you took today.

    New toy for the summer, should cut my mow time in half if not more. (Not sure why the second pic is sideways).
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    FS: Whiner is for sale

    Good luck with the sale! :thumbsup: I have to admit that your car was the main inspiration for me to continue with Mark VIIIs... I still haven't got the blower, but Lidio did my build/tune and you sir were the one that got me in contact with Jeremi (big thanks!). Hate to see you parting ways...
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    Dots in paint

    Sometimes vinegar works at removing water spots that have etched the paint (particularly if they're mineral deposits). If that doesn't work then you'll have to use a compound with an aggressive pad. Only problem with that is you have to be careful not to burn through the clear coat...
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    Some Drone Shots from Carlisle

    Nice shots... did it stay fairly dry?
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    Nos air sprngs

    So you're telling me these won't put me on Warren Buffet status? :confused:
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    Radiator Question

    I'm not sure what your final goal is with the car, but I would just do the 03/04 cobra radiator like Driller and others have. It's a lot cheaper and is capable of handling a decent amount of power. Here's a link where people sorta discuss a couple brands and the trade offs between thinner and...
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    Radiator Question

    I could be wrong, but I believe the cobra radiator is a step above the mark' s. I think it's a little thicker so some spacing adjustments might be needed. No matter what radiator you get I would recommend keeping the stock fan for the mark, they move some air. I think there's a few out there...
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    Post a picture you took today.

    She looks too innocent to do something like that lol.:rolleyes:
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    Post a picture you took today.

    Tell me about it lol... He's definitely a handful, seems to like slippers/shoes the best. Oh and the rocking chair legs.:roll_over:
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    Post a picture you took today.

    Newest member of the household...
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    Got Pollen?

    You should look into the Mother's speed clay 2.0 It's not an actual clay bar, but works in the same manner. Big difference is you can use it while washing your car instead of a 2nd step process. It's crazy fast compared to the old way and very effective. You can even use it while spray...
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    K Member Refinishing

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    K Member Refinishing

    Looks good.
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    Post a picture you took today.

    That's the best route... then you make it fast.:thumbsup:
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    Get LOD Stuff!

    I'd like a large banner to hang in the garage. The pictures don't show up for me under the LOD apparel sticky so I'm not sure what it looks like and they aren't listed under the Merchandise option on the top of the page.
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    New pair of running shoes

    Yea, I got the nt05r's in anticipation of a whipple being installed but I've had to keep that project on the back burner a little (actually a lot) longer than I'd like. The car was never intended as a daily driver and I'm lucky if I get to put 1000-1500 miles a year on it. That being said...