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This is the LAST YEAR of Summer Blast... :D :frown: :D :frown: :D

Haggerstown Maryland

August 18th - 21st.

This is always a fantastic event, and I encourage everyone (meaning you better be there, oh yes... this means you...) to go... :D

This will be the 15th and final year of Summer Blast, big thanks to the Mid-Atlantic MN12 club for hosting one last time!

Hotel reservations may be made here:

There should be a discounted rate for us, please make sure you mention you're with the Mid-Atlantic Thunderbird Club.

Seriously... this is always a super fun time and it would be great for their to be a lot of Lincoln support for the last Summer Blast. :D :D :D


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JBMN 2016 - SB 15 Registration Form

Participants Name: _____________________________

Additional Attendees: __________________________





Costs for the Annual picnic/Meet & Greet and MN12 Car show are as follow:

Single participant: $25.00

Double participant: $50.00

Children 8 and over: $8.25

Children under 8: Free

Information: Please check the appropriate box’s with an X

Thunderbird ____ TB/C Supercoupe ____ Cougar ____ Lincoln MK VIII ____

Fox body ____ Marauder ____ Mustang ____ Other Ford ____

Year, Make and Model of Vehicle Attending: _________________________________

Fri August 19, 2016

Dyno Pulls (2) Participant Price $50.00 YES____ NO____

(Must be paid by August 1 for Reservation) (**Need 15 participants to secure venue)

Sat August 20, 2016

Private Track Rental Participant Price $70.00 YES ___ No___

(Must be paid by August 1 for Reservation) (**Need 30 participants to secure venue) We can have any car or truck, attend at this event as long as they have the proper safety equipment for Possible E.T. Invite your friends to attend and have them complete a form and send with payment! Event will Start at 8AM-12 noon.

Sun August 21, 2016

Mason Dixon All Ford Event, is pay as you go for either track or car show event at the track based on track entrance fees.

**Dyno day and track rental will only be held if reservations have been paid for the event and deposits received to secure those venues with the appropriate numbers needed.

Please mail completed registration forms by August 1, 2016 with payment (Check or Money Order) to:

Steve Dugan

116 Seldom Seen Ct

Hedgesville WV 25427

Total payable for participation at event: $____________


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Reservations can now be made at the Comfort Inn, Edwin Miller Blvd, Martinsburg, WV (Phone: 304 263-6200) Please ask for reservations under the Thunderbird and Cougar Club. Room rates should be $79.00 per room. They can tell you what's available. For those coming solo, try to share rooms with others so the expenses are split to make this more affordable. The rates and rooms will be held until July 29, 2016. Afterwards, they will be on a case by case basis.
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enjoys 3 martini lunches
BTW - the private track rental is totally worth it, and a deal for the money.

Even if you've never tried racing - it's super fun, and it's nice to do it in a low key environment :D :D :D


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What they said.. This event is probably the most fun I've ever had at a track. I think I have 26 timeslips from that day that prove it.. :D

It's probably the most coupes you'll ever see in one place, too. It was really important to me to attend this year, but I have a family wedding scheduled on the same day and will be unable to attend. Everyone else needs to go in my stead and make this one, the best one.


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Honestly, I thought I was done for a while, but I've got two, this summer....

Everyone's getting married but me..

But I get to use the Dyson on my floor mats, guilt free.. small victories, I suppose.


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Something like that.. Although I didn't think of the Bridesmaid angle.. Hmm.. :)


For real, everyone needs to attend this. Get crackin', people!

And Steve, you've got two cars you don't yet know the 1/4 mile times on yet. I think it's time to find out. (and probably shame a few Mark VIIIs in the process..)


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Registration for the track day and dyno must be sent and received by me by August 1st. That's 1 week away folks. At this point it is looking like the track day will not go. They dyno session will as long as there is interest. I will be contacting them this week to insure our spot.

Dependent on participation event may change schedule somewhat. Will know more in a week. Please get your registrations in please! Thanks.


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If I'm reading that forum post correctly, it looks like they don't quite have the numbers they want yet.

If you can make this event, now is the time. These are great folks, and this is the most track time you're ever going to get in one day.


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If you're on the fence... sign up! You can cancel the hotel reservations if need be and if the track date falls through your money will be refunded!


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Due to lack of prepays for the track rental, plans have changed...

This is the final itinerary for this years event. Unless something out of the ordinary was to happen this is how it will roll out this year!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!!!!

Please contact the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg WV for room reservations. They will not hold them any longer than August 13th for business purposes. After that it will be on a case by case basis and same for cost basis.

The Final planned itinerary looks as follows:

THU AUG 18- Meet and Greet at the Comfort Inn, Edward Miller Blvd, Martinsburg WV PH: 304-263-6200. Will start at 6PM until ??

FRI AUG 19- Car Show and Picnic Scheduled at the Main pavillion, War Memorial Park, Martinsburg, WV. Plan on arriving there by 10:15 AM. (I will see if we have enough cars and if I can get the escorted cruise to the park). 11:00 AM car show will begin till approximately 12:00. Picnic will begin around 12PM noon with awards ceremony to immediately follow.

The following awards will be presented at the Car Show:

Thunderbird SC- First Place
Thunderbird LX- First Place
Lincoln, Cougar, Fox- First Place
Non-MN12/FN10- First Place
Best Engine MN12/FN10
Best Interior MN12/FN10
Best Paint MN12/FN10
Best Under Construction MN12/FN10
Best of Show MN12/FN10
Best of Show Non-MN12/FN10

Friday afternoon/evening: Tuning Session with EECDOC Performance (Mike Siska) at the hotel parking lot. See information on the other thread for contacting and making arrangements for a tune.

SAT AUG 20- MAMN12 Dyno Wars at Vagwerks Dynojet Martinsburg WV. This will begin at 9AM (Leave Hotel at 8:45). Vehicles to compete on the new Dynojet located in Martinsburg. This is where everyone can see what they have or don't have and also win some prizes and bragging rights. 2 pulls per vehicle. There will be NO tuning at this event!!! Others can sign up to pull till the day of the event. There will be room for folks to watch at the event.
The following awards will be presented for the Dyno pulls:

Top MN12/FN10 V8 Naturally Aspirated HP
Top MN12/FN10 V8 Power Adder HP
Top MN12 Super Coupe V6 HP
Top MN12 Non-MN12 HP
Dyno Wars 2016 Top HP Award
Dyno Wars 2016 Top TQ Award

**The ladies will have the opportunity to go out for the Morning with Linda to run the town/Shop/Etc. She will be getting with all of you on Friday to see who wants to go and do something.

SAT AUG 20 Afternoon/Evening - Saturday afternoon 3:30 PM cruise from Comfort Inn parking lot to Golden Corral in Hagerstown, MD for Dinner and afterward to the Car Show across the Parking lot at the Valley Mall, Hagerstown MD. Afterwards TBD.

SUN AUG 21- Mason Dixon ALL FORD Car Show and Drag Racing, Hagerstown MD. We will be leaving the Comfort Inn approximately 9AM. We will participate there till the event ends. Sunday after the event OPEN/TBD!!!!!
Amusing how I always hear people complain about how crowded drag racing T&T sessions are and you can't get enough people together to pony up for a track rental. :(


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Man, I wish I could make it to this. Even without the track rental. I'd love to get my car on a dyno...


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Bumping, fishing for an update. :) I'm about to go watch my cousin get married, but I want to see some fast cars..


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Car show... Check.
Picnic... Check.
Dyno... Check.

Looks like tomorrow's track plans will be a washout, so some of us hard core racers went to the track this evening. ;)


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As figured, the All Ford event at the Mason Dixon Dragway was rescheduled due to inclement weather.

Here's a couple pics from weekend.

Lining up at the hotel parking lot to head out to car show and picnic...


The Opal Opalescent '96...


The Collectors Edition...


The event banner signed by attendees...



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You can't just leave us hanging with dyno shots and no numbers!

Also. Thanks for the pics. Looks like a great event, as expected.. :)