Lincolns of Distinction Election Procedure

This document shall prescribe the procedures used to govern elections for the Lincolns of Distinction car club.  This document may only be amended by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors of Lincolns of Distinction.

The Active Members shall elect by ballot the Directors and Officers of the club. The total number of director positions is 4.  The election process shall involve 4 people, the Secretary, a person to count the votes, and two people to verify the votes. The Board of Directors prior to the beginning of the election must approve all except the Secretary. Those counting or verifying the votes may not be running for election or re-election.


            In order to run for a position as a Director or an Officer of Lincolns of Distinction, one must be an active club member.  Candidates for the position of President or Treasurer must be active members for no less than 1 year prior to their candidacy.


The Secretary shall prepare a blanket ballot containing the names and biographies of all nominees and mail ballots to all Active Members. Preferably, the ballots should be included in the mailing of the club newsletter. A means of voting online shall also be provided, only if practical and secure. Each Active Member may vote once, either online or by mail.

The Secretary shall assign each member of the club a number, and shall keep a record of which number was assigned to each member. The secretary shall forward a list of the valid numbers, without the associated names, to each verifier, but not the person responsible for counting the votes. All ballots should be submitted directly to the person responsible for counting the votes. Each voter must include their assigned number on their ballot when it is submitted. When a ballot is counted, the votes on that ballot shall be tabulated and associated with the number on the ballot. When all the ballots have been tabulated, the table containing the ballot numbers and their associated votes will be forwarded to each verifier, who will check the numbers from the ballots against the list of valid numbers. Any invalid votes will then be set aside.  Once it has been determined that all the votes are valid, each person shall count the votes and the results shall be compared. Once a correct count is agreed upon between the verifiers and the person counting the votes, the results will be finalized.  The person counting the votes shall retain all ballots for one year following the election.  Under no circumstances will an election be redone.

If a member is found to have submitted more than one ballot, their votes will be invalidated, unless both ballots contain identical votes, in which case the selections will be considered as one ballot.


Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary or President. Active club membership is required of all nominees, and all nominees must renew their membership for the term of office for which they are running before their nomination is accepted by the Secretary or President. A minimum of one full year of active club membership prior to the start of the term of office is required of nominees for Officer positions. Members may nominate themselves or other members. If a person nominates another member, the nominee has the option to accept or decline the nomination. Nominations must include a relevant biography.

Election of Officers

A President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Membership Secretary, and a Treasurer shall be chosen from the nominees on the ballot each year. For each office, whichever nominee receives the greatest number of votes shall win the office.

Election of Directors

The Active Members shall elect by ballot the Directors. Each member can vote for a number of nominees on the ballot equal to the number of Director positions available. If there are no vacant Director positions, and none of the current Directors have reached the end of their term, then no nominees for Director positions will be on the ballot.

For a nominee to be elected as a Director, he or she must receive a vote from at least fifty percent of those members casting votes. If more nominees than the available number of seats receive the required votes, a number of nominees, equal to the number of available Director seats, with the most votes will have been elected Directors. If no more nominees than the number of available Director seats have received the required votes, each nominee with the required votes will have been elected to the Board of Directors.


All nominations must be received no later than October 20. Ballots must be mailed no later than November 15. All votes must be received no later than December 15. The counting of the votes shall be complete, and the results released, no later than December 25. Those who are elected will begin their term on January 1.

Removal of BOD members and Officers

            If the conduct of a BOD member or a club Officer is found to be not in keeping with the best interests of the club, he may be removed from his or her BOD or Officer position by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors.  The Officer or Director to be removed shall not vote on the question of his removal.  If the President is removed in such a fashion, the Vice-president shall be promoted to President.

Necessity of an Election

            If none of the officer positions are contested, an election need not take place.  In such a case, any members wishing to run for the Board of Directors may be appointed for a one-year term by a two-thirds vote of the existing BOD and officers, after a comment period during which members have the opportunity to voice any objections they may have to the appointment of a particular member.