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Air Suspension


Welcome! You are at the suspension index page. Select one of the links below to learn more about the Mark VIII Air Suspension. For immediate troubleshooting assistance, visit the suspension forum at the Mark VIII Message Board. Please read the FAQ section below before emailing me with your questions.
ASEXPLAINED: Describes how the stock system works. Shows a complete list of the components and what they do. Lots of pictures and schematics to ponder.
SENSOR LOWERING: Describes how to lower the Mark VIII via the height sensors.
SOLENOID MOD 1.1: This is the old version of the Solenoid Mod page. I left this page up for reference.
SOLENOID MOD 1.2: This is the new and improved solenoid modification page. It is basically an evolution of the first technique I used to drop the car. You will need a few more parts and a little more patience to perform this mod. There's also a Flash movie that shows current flow and explains the schematic a little better.
FAST BAG 101: An explanation of aftermarket fast air bag systems and links to various sites dedicated to Air-Suspension. I recommed reading this article before installing your own reserve tank system.
(this page is still under construction)

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