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Installation of a CD Changer in a 97-98 Mark VIII


Installation of the CD changer in a 1997 or 1998 Mark VIII is easy. The only special tools you need are the one to remove the cassette radio head T87P-19061-A and a large Torx bit to remove the seat belt attachment. You can order the CD changer kit F7FF-18C829-AA from your Lincoln Mercury parts counter. You will also need the P100 Harness F7FF-14588-BA.


If you don’t have radio removal tool T87P-19061-A, make it yourself out of a heavy gauge coat hanger. Cut the coat hanger into two pieces that are seven inches long. Bend them into a U shape, so that the each can plug into the set of holes in each end of the radio cassette head unit.


Installation is as follows:

  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.

  2. Remove the glove box door.

  3. Remove the right front seatbelt shoulder attachment with a Torx wrench.

  4. Remove the right sill trim along the edge of the carpet. It pops right out.

  5. Remove the right kick panel, by pulling it back toward the rear of the car.

  6. Remove the bottom of the rear seat, by pushing it in and up.

  7. Remove the two bolts holding down the back portion of the rear seat, and then lift the back up and out.

  8. Remove the cassette radio out of the dash using the radio removal tool you bought or made. Plug the tool into the holes, then push each laterally, hold and pull out.

  9. Unplug the two plugs on the back of the radio, and plug them into the new harness. They can only go in one way.

  10. Plug in the two plugs that look like the original two plugs you unplugged into the back of the radio.

  11. Guide the remaining long wire of the new harness along the back of the glove compartment, along the right door sill and finally through where the back seat was into the trunk.

  12. Choose a mounting place for the CD player. It comes with brackets to mount it into the floor. I chose not to permanently mount it. I used some large Velcro hook strips that I attached to the bottom of the CD player. This holds the CD player to the carpet well. It never shifts, yet can easily be repositioned or removed. Incidentally, I use this Velcro to keep my toolbox and plastic bucket of car items from sliding back and forth in the trunk.

  13. Plug in the harness into the CD player. Push back the radio into its slot.

  14. Reinstall the seats, trim and seat belt attachment.

I found reassembly easier than disassembly. Today’s cars are designed to be rapidly put together by the workers in the factory.

You’re done! Enjoy the music.


Alexander Sosiak




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