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Mark VIII Advertisements

These are the original ads from Lincoln advertising the exciting new Mark VIII's.

[ This ad was sent to prospective Mark VIII customers in 1993. ]

[ This was the famous TV ad showing a 1993 Mark VIII first touching an overhead beam at a slow speed and then being able to clear below it when going at 55 miles per hour. ]

[ This a 31 second film clip promoting the 1995 Mark VIII included on the 1995 Ford Simulator 6.0 Revision A CD sold to prospective customers in 1995. ]

[ This ad was placed in major magazines for the 1997 model year for the introduction of the second generation Mark VIII. ]

If you have any advertisements not seen here, send them by mail to the club address located on the home page. If requested, we will send the ad back to you. Please include a stamped self addressed envelope. You can also send it by e-mail to the webmasters addresses located on the home page.








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