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1998 Collector's Edition Mark VIII in Pearlescent White


This is President Alexander Sosiak's Mark VIII. It is a 1998 LSC Collector's Edition (#1144). The Collector's Edition was a special option in this final year of the Mark VIII. With this option you get a Walnut inlaid steering wheel and shift knob, special floor mats, and gold plated emblems. The options on this car are a sunroof and garage door opener. Modifications on this car are a generator cover from a 1997 and backup lights that can change color from white to blue to red, all by a flick of a switch on the dash. Strobe lights are also installed in the taillights and grill. High beams can be set to alternately flash. Halon fire extinguisher is mounted at arms reach in the passenger compartment, just in case. You can get instructions on installing the custom lights at lightshow.




This is George "White Knight" Labonte's 98 Pearlescent White Collector's Edition #809 with Prairie Tan interior. George is lucky enough to live in Connecticut, so he doesn't need to put on a front license plate. The car's front end looks clean without the tag. The car has the rare cargo net option. Modifications include installing the uncommon pre-formed mud flaps and 1997 InTech alternator cover.


This is Nick DeSpirito's 1998 Mark VIII Collector's Edition #1248. In the garage you can see a 1956 Mark II and a 1976 Mark IV. Nick obviously loves the Mark's.



This is David Edwards's 98 Collector's Edition #1277. It is the last Mark VIII sold to a private individual. This historic Mark VIII includes every option including the rare block heater and cargo net. For more details see 1998 MARK VIII BUILD.



David Edwards's 98 Collector's Edition has the aftermarket Dark Burlwood trim kit from Joshua Wood Tree Dashes of Boulder, Colorado. The 13 laser cut pieces go around both AC vents, the headlight controls, the stereo and heated seat controls, rear defroster control and around the center message center and AC controls. The pieces have glue on the back. The original owner, Sandy Block, installed the kit himself. He says that everything fit perfectly, but to be careful installing the kit since the glue "could hold a Ford F-250 Longbed to the side of the Empire State Building!"




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