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  1. Lvnmarks

    Dad's Truck

    Last year I acquired my dad's old 1997 F150XLT, with a 5 speed manual transmission, 4.2L V6 and 4 wheel drive. It sat it a barn for the last 17 years getting driven once and a while, but for the most part of the last couple years it just sat. Recently the clutch stopped working and I was leaking...
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    Call for Calendar Pics

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    Hot Rod Power Tour 2018

    Here are the dates and locations, details are still being worked out on some sites but it looks like it will be doing half of the NASCAR circuit. Saturday June 9th through Friday June 15th 2018 June 9th Beech bend Raceway Park Boling Green, KY June 10th Chattanooga, TN June 11th Hoover...
  4. Lvnmarks

    The Great American Eclipse

    Some of you know I take this astronomy stuff fairly seriously so I was just wondering if anyone else is in the path of totality of will be headed towards it? My family and I drove down to Kansas to visit the Cosmosphere space museum and we'll be watching the eclipse from Amelia Earharts home...
  5. Lvnmarks

    Relay wire harness.

    My 97 wasn't lifting the car like it should be. We hooked up a Star II and got the 75 code for the relay. Plugged in several used relays with no luck, commanded the compressor and solenoids on with the tester and started "jiggling" the harness. We were able to get it to work with the...
  6. Lvnmarks

    Broken flange stud.

    I had the exhaust done on the green car, from the transmission back is mandrel 2.5" but going forward it's still stock pipe, cats and manifolds. It started sputtering last week and I found that the upper stud on the passenger flange to pipe connection broke (to much hard shifting I guess)...
  7. Lvnmarks

    MN dyno day

    I'm curious to what my car puts down (albeit peanuts) on the dyno and I think it could be fun to make a day out of it with a few others. This isn't just for MN people, all are invited. Haven't picked at day and time yet, because I wanted to gauge interest for those interested in strapping...
  8. Lvnmarks

    2017 Hot Rod Power Tour

    Looks like a good route this year, nice and close for me at least. So who's going? Here's the official announcement.
  9. Lvnmarks

    2016 Street Machine summer nationals

    July 15th-17th 2016 @ MN State Fair Grounds in ST Paul. This will be my tenth year going, always fun and like Carlisle except more shade and you can park in the middle of the action. I encourage anyone who can go to do so. There is usually around 5000 cars, and a couple of rednecks. I'll be...
  10. Lvnmarks

    Official 2016 Carlisle Prep Thread

    So I'm a little excited... Some stuff getting done before I get there: 1) Sub Frame Connectors (done) 2) New air shocks 3) Cobra Brake 4) Fix P/S leak 4) Full detail What are you upgrading/fixing before hand?
  11. Lvnmarks

    Ford GT Racing Team ditching the Ecoboost. Going back to the V8, should sound allot better around the track and hopefully start winning.
  12. Lvnmarks

    FS: Powertrain Control / Emmisions Diagnostic manuals

    I finally found the right one for my car, and since I have a 95 these are for sale. $50 + S&H/ea 1994 OBD I 1994 OBD II
  13. Lvnmarks

    Battery Chargers

    I need to get a real battery charger, I just have the cheap Black and Decker one. There are allot of brands out there but like batteries, I'm sure there are just a few manufacturers. So what should I be looking for? I know I want something strong enough to jump a dead car but is there any...
  14. Lvnmarks

    2016 hrpt

    So I found this today... 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour Dates/Locations June 11th, Gonzalez LA, June 12th, Royal Purple Raceway, Baytown, TX June 13th, Circuit of the Americas, Austin TX June 14th, Tracker's Village, Grand Prairie TX June 15th, Remington Park, Oklahoma City, OK June 16th, Kansas...
  15. Lvnmarks

    FS: Factory HID bulb

    Tested and works well, the connector was cut off but it'll be shipped with it $75 Shipped.
  16. Lvnmarks

    Happy Back To the Future day

    May you have a great future! :D
  17. Lvnmarks

    New ignition

    It's been awhile since I have changed the spark plugs, probably around 20k miles. So I decided to change them out this weekend with some new Autolite copper 764's. My wires are fine but decided to throw the live wires and screaming demon coil packs on, that I had laying around. But before I...
  18. Lvnmarks

    FS: Gen I Parts, Stock & Aftermarket

    Need to move some parts so I can buy more parts. I have a few Gen I Parts cars and even a whole (running/driving) Mark for sale, if there is anything your looking for, please contact me via PM. See items below for details. Screaming Demon coil packs, Livewire plug wires and wire looms...
  19. Lvnmarks

    Dryer leak

    I rebuilt my dryer a month ago when I overhauled my front end and when I reinstalled the air lines they (2 of them) leak. I was wondering if someone still sells the little orange air line retainers?
  20. Lvnmarks

    Old Russian Space Shuttles

    A great right up (Have to Translate into English) on the former Russian Space program with lots of great information and interesting photos. If you have some time check it out and get your history on!