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  1. tixer

    Rolling Restoration needs...

    There are a handful of cars on the market now that come from the factory air suspension again. Jeep and Tesla come to mind.. I've always been curious about trying to pick up some "broken" units and see how they compare to ours. It'd be nice to have a modern replacement that could be...
  2. tixer

    replacment horn for nissan

    Mike! How's it going? If you can find the horn set from a 1984 Oldsmobile 98, get 'em. an ex-girlfriend had one of those, and they were without a doubt, the most intimidating factory horns I've ever heard. Of course they were installed in the front-right fender, so I couldn't extract them...
  3. tixer

    10 disc cd player

    I once got my hands on an older 10-disc Sony (branded) changer that was built quite a bit better than the 97-98 Sony unit. It too, used the same magazines, but there was a lot more metal inside it, including that platter that I'd noticed was a trouble-point in the 97-98 ones. If the one I...
  4. tixer

    Post a picture you took today.

    Not today, but a few days ago. I couldn't resist going for one more drive before tucking the car away for the winter.
  5. tixer

    10 disc cd player

    heh. I really need to check the dates on these things before I reply. :D
  6. tixer

    10 disc cd player

    You'll definitely want to check for the wiring. It should be on the left side of the trunk, basically below that flap where the air-ride switch is. It's worth noting that for day-to-day use, the CD changers are pretty unreliable these days. I went through three of them in my old '97 before I...
  7. tixer

    Rolling Restoration needs...

    Why do I feel like that's just one of driller's build-sheets.. :D
  8. tixer

    HELP! Rotors welded to hubs!

    Well done indeed. I've had to really fight with a couple of these in the past as well. It'd be fun to see Mark around here again, word on the street is that he still has the car..
  9. tixer

    No minnessota markfest 2021

    I've been waiting years to see a viral video of BadSax duct-taped to an airplane seat, but it has yet to happen. I'm definitely not opposed to moving this event to the summer. Bill, are you thinking Pre or post Carlisle? Or did we all decide Michigan is the new Carlisle? There's also still...
  10. tixer

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    We definitely need some pics of this fine ride.. :ttiwwp:
  11. tixer

    Lost the start wire!

    Could the ignition switch itself be the source of your trouble here?
  12. tixer

    No minnessota markfest 2021

    This is on me, really.. I didn't "own" it early enough to put a viable plan together. Compounded by an opportunity to go camping the weekend it usually happens, I took the easy way out.. This is definitely not over. I don't see my Lincoln friends nearly often enough. Thanks for calling me...
  13. tixer

    Lost the start wire!

    This thing is just giving you fits, isn't it?..
  14. tixer


    Welcome! We're glad to have you here, and It sounds like a great car. I looked up the part, and can see why you're searching for one. Hard to find, and expensive when you do.. :) I might direct you to our friends at the Lincoln Mark VII club. We hang out with them regularly, and they know...
  15. tixer

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    Congrats on the sale! I'm glad to hear we can look forward to seeing this car around.
  16. tixer

    Rolling Restoration needs...

    Nice thread bump. Any more progress on this?
  17. tixer

    Still Kicking

    Hey, Bud! It's great to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear your RVing days are over, but now you're on to the next phase. You'll be able to cruise the country in style with the Z, living life one "Continental" breakfast at a time. :)
  18. tixer

    WTB Gen2 LSC (Midwest)

    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your car! Although I don't have one for sale, more information on what you're looking for might help "shake one loose." I know we have a few midwest members with "fleets" of Marks, who may be interested in letting one go. We also have people who love...
  19. tixer

    Message: Check charging system on 96 Diamond edition

    Yup. These alternators are internally regulated. I've kept one of my old ones on-hand so I could rebuild it with new bearings and regulator, but I've been sitting on it for years now, and still haven't done it. :)
  20. tixer

    Variable Control Relay Module or Power Module

    Glad you got 'er up and running!!