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  1. 94badbird

    Pulling to the right

    It used to pull hard left upon braking when I 1st got it 6 months ago..i just last month did 2 new rear calipers and brackets and 4 rotors and it pulls kind of to the right when I brake and I let off and it kinda jumps left.. What should I look at before I throw new calipers on for...
  2. 94badbird

    Help with led and ballast issue

    My neon bar in my 98 didn't work when I bought it..about 3 months ago my wife was using my car and I watched her drive away ( at dusk) and I think she had the auto lights on and to my amazement my led was lit.i have never been able to get it to light up again for me. I did lots of research and...
  3. 94badbird

    FS: c.o.p's from my 98 m8 lsc

    One of the boots broke as you see in the pic, all are motorcraft except for one .. All worked fine until removed and I broke that one boot and just ordered a new set.. I don't know what is fair to ask for them,so make a decent offer...
  4. 94badbird

    FS: 42lb injectors , sct x3 and 80mm mafs

    I would like to sell all these parts together.. 8x 42lb injectors ( 1 needs a new filter screen for the top as it broke off in my fuel rail) used for 30miles only..un married sct x3..98 mark viii 80mm mafs I would like 250$ + shipping....
  5. 94badbird

    FS: Superchips 1725 tuner, injectors and mafs

    I have a superchips 1725 tuner that is unlocked and ready to tune your compadable ford lincoln or mercury vehicle .much cheaper and more simple alternative to an xcal and paying for a tune if you don't need a custom tune.( just Google it or pm me)100$, 1998 stock mark viii 24lb fuel injector...
  6. 94badbird

    Hello from the U.P

    Been a long time mn12 owner and had about 7 of them now, my favorite was a 97 bird with a 98 mark viii that kinda turned me on years later when this mark 8 came up. It is a 98 lsc, has 17in 5 star rims ,red grill and red pinstripes and red calipers, powerstop drilled and slotted...