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    1997 Opal Opalescent Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 84k mi

    Time to add my cool ride. 1997 LSC. Bought in Nov 2013 with 81k mi. Now at 84k mi (yeah, I much?). I try to spread the mileage across the three rides, mostly with the 09 DGC, but it's nice to spoil myself on a good day to drive the LSC to work and back (100 mi each trip). Fully...
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    Upgraded the wheels/tires on my 97 LSC

    Old stock wheels and old Firestone tires New wheels and new Yokohama tires Kept the stock 16" size, so as to not mess with the speedo/odo. Night and day upgrade! Been on the car about 6 months now. Yokos are much quieter than the Firestone tires that were there and those stock rims may...
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    Upgraded the stock head unit to Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS

    When I got my 97 LSC back in November, it looked great! Almost EVERYTHING I wanted.....except. It had the stock stereo and while it does have the integrated phone, we all know those don't work (even if I had the handset) because it's analog (banned new activations since 2005). So what to do...
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    Newbie once again!

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here once again. Yeah, I know, it says I've been a member since 2006....and that's true. I used to own a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII back then. Was a great 8 months from November 2006 to July 2007, when I had to sell the Mark VIII to cover some financial issues. 8...
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    My new 1995 Ivory Pearlescent Mark

    Here are some shots of my new pride and joy! It's only been a few days, but I now understand why this car cost over $20k more than my 95 Tbird. The Tbird isn't even close to the Mark! And just so you know, I LOVE my 95 Tbird! But it's getting up in miles (142.5k mi) and I thought an upgrade...
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    New owner of a 95 Mark VIII

    Just wanted to say hello, since I recently joined the club. Picked up a beautiful Ivory Pearlescent 95 Mark VIII (not sure if it's an LSC model or not) with 89k mi. Just drove it home from Detroit (Ebay purchase) and it was flawless on the 800 mi ride. Since Mass requires 2 plates, I'm...