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  1. nightfly

    My 97 Mark VIII out for the summer

    Come to Arizona and drive it all year round. Even in the winter, it's warm during the daytime! and we have 330 sunny days a year. Just, don't touch a dark color car that's been sitting in the sun for any length of time, and that nice convertible's interior will be hot enough to fry skin after a...
  2. nightfly

    Fuel efficiency?

    '98, cross country from NJ to AZ, usually run 75 in the east where the limits are 65 or 70, then 80 to 85 when the limits raise to 75 (I make the trip at least twice a year). Highway last trip stayed around 22-23 mpg. I don't drive it around town much, I have other cars for that. Changed to...
  3. nightfly

    Driver's side door handle

    I got mine off of ebay. Prices usually range from about $50 to $100 U.S.. just search, and keep the search active, and you can usually pick up the other side one as well for the lower prices. Pick one that matches yours, there are apparently two different types, one with the 'lumpy' part...
  4. nightfly

    Help required asap; Need a north NJ shop for a coil conversion on Mark 8

    Right rear going low, two episodes, and it's happening when I'm driving it. I will not have anywhere to work on it (other than on the street, which is unacceptable) nor the time for a few months, so repairing the air system is out. I am overloaded with chores already, I have to empty an...
  5. nightfly

    98 Mk8 lsc. Nj/Fl

    Hi everyone! Just settling in with my Lincoln; Have wanted one for a long time, of course couldn't afford it when new, but can, now. Back in the 90's I was married, my brother in law was a mechanic at a local L/M dealer. We would talk about working on cars (I'm not a professional mechanic like...