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  1. nightfly

    Help required asap; Need a north NJ shop for a coil conversion on Mark 8

    Right rear going low, two episodes, and it's happening when I'm driving it. I will not have anywhere to work on it (other than on the street, which is unacceptable) nor the time for a few months, so repairing the air system is out. I am overloaded with chores already, I have to empty an...
  2. nightfly

    98 Mk8 lsc. Nj/Fl

    Hi everyone! Just settling in with my Lincoln; Have wanted one for a long time, of course couldn't afford it when new, but can, now. Back in the 90's I was married, my brother in law was a mechanic at a local L/M dealer. We would talk about working on cars (I'm not a professional mechanic like...