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    September 2018 Car of the Month

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    I know a lot of you collect some neat stuff but I like to collect toy guns from the 1950's and 1960's. I also have some cap guns from the 1800's. I don't know who remembers Fanner 50 from the early 1960's but I have several of them. That was where I started my collection. I played with them when...
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    I received an email about loading Spammer 4.0. Is this real?
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    20 best muscle cars

    What do you think. You decide.
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    I bought a new car

    I purchased an 08 MKZ. I have been looking for another car for a while and really wanted another Lincoln. I've only had it a day but I really love it.
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    Happy birthday Leo!
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    Vette Killer 54 Olds

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    Camera Buffs

    I'm looking for a good camera which doesn't cost a fortune. I had a Nikon which bit the dust so I'm looking to replace it. What should I look for in megapixels, zoom, etc?
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    Finger painting

    This is amazing!
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    Man sells testicle to buy 370Z

    I would ask more. It might come in handy.
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    Nebraska Cars

    I noticed there is an Auction of classic cars in Nebaska tonight on the histoy channel at 8:00 CST. Are these the cars in Nebraska we talked about a couple of months ago? I did a search but couldn't find it. I'll look some more.
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    Check out Ford new engine
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    65 Years of Hod Rod Magazine feature cars
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    My New Ride

    Here is my Miata. It's not a Lincoln but I love it. Here are a few pics.
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    Blue BMW more prone to road rage Blue is the most aggressive color.
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    12 most embarrassing cars to drive.
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    My Car Died

    I was driving my Audi to Atlanta last Friday and my oil light came on and huge plumes of white smoke started coming out the back. I pulled off the dide of the interstate and called AAA to have my car towed back to Birmingham to the dealership to be checked out. At least I had AAA and the tow was...
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    Spring cleaning

    I received an email from another car club I belong to it and said they were doing a little spring cleaning and ask everyone on the books to let them know if they wanted to still participate in the club, basically if you don't have any to do with club can we purge you from the system, or if you...
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    Look what I found

    Jerry Heep made a list of the first 25 members to join LOD. This is from 2003.Quite a few are gone. FirstName LastName Alias Jack Frakes Was Fuz Alexander Sosiak Alexander Edward Cicio Ed96Mark William Hamilton DOHC Mark VIII Kale Kainoa Kale Steve...
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    Who's not working?

    I'm on disability because of my back so I'm not working.